Stealth angler-angler

Spinning tackle is good for those who like to throw far, however, have to warn you, do not throw away the bait. If far to throw, it does not always lead to the desired result. On the contrary, your chances are reduced even catch a good fish. On large bodies of water far to throw, but if the river or pond is small, not worth the hassle. The inexperienced spinner, throwing the gear away, already losing touch with them and it’s harder to catch the fish. Often, the fish goes near his feet, off the coast, while practically all the fishermen throw away, but in vain. The coastal zone also need to win and process, and then to threaten on the bigger.

How to throw the bait, is also an art. Tackle suitable for use on any body of water. We recommend that you use a fiberglass rod, durable and time-tested. The diameter of such rod 0.3 mm. For lure pike perch or roach, it’s really the best gear. For bait you should always use the best and most durable rod, this will provide you with a good catch. Sometimes even the most experienced angler pursues what he thinks the float is moving. In fact it is not. The fish pulls the bobber so that you would notice. Fish hears from the bait, and better if it is some trifle, the smaller the bait the bigger the fish you can catch on it. The spinner should be great, you caught a wonderful fish, if you use a small spoon. To estimate future catch is always difficult. Sometimes it depends on the weather, so much so that all the fish somewhere to go, and you can sit waiting for a miracle all day. Evaluation of the catch is always subjective, but experienced anglers know that fishing is the experience, method of fishing and it is easier to predict the result. It is always necessary to experiment, then it is easier to understand how the process of catching fish. And then the Council will ask you.

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