Spring roach

The end of winter, friends. And even if it did not look like a «real Russian winter», however, it was over. Well, almost over. And with it ended the winter season. At least for the Central part of Russia. So, it’s time to open the summer fishing season.

But friends, get it over with lyrics and get to physics. I personally, come to the opening of the season is always particularly responsible. Often you can see some fisherman coming on the water, takes with him a whole bunch of fishing rods and all kinds of gear, including not only ordinary float, but spinning, kucove and bottom (as well as, fly-fishing, plug, couple of the winter fishing rods, just in case the ice), etc., etc.

So, where to start? To begin to define – what you want. Personally, I see three main options. Or float rod fishing or with a side nod to the jig, or spinning fishing. Today we will focus on catching small fry during flood, so the most relevant for us will be the theme of fishing with a float snap-in. And now that we figured out the time – get down to business.


For starters, you should understand the reservoir. Gentlemen, choose your pond carefully. Fishing during periods of flooding – it’s not a comic. The fish are just moving away from winter. So what should you look for when choosing a reservoir? Roaches are quite different from the earlier spawning (at least, among the peaceful species of fish). Spawning begins when the water temperature reaches + 15°. Of course, to feed the fish starts even earlier.

First, it must be a river. Try to choose a place where the water current is not too strong. Locate the bend. Lapel, sleeve. It should not be formed only by flood. It should be very natural nook, albeit expanded a large amount of accumulated water. Very well suited ditches and channels leading to the newly created «oxbow lakes». Particularly suited to catching roach, the junction of these ditches the water, and also broad origins of the streams.


The choice of gear come a responsibility. Catching roach is quite active. You will need a light rod of length 4 to 6 meters (depending on conditions of fishing) if You catch the Mach and medium length spinning rod with an elastic end, if you catch on to the «lap dog». With these guns You would prefer. If banks are overgrown and You catch on the «soft» centrifugal rod – don’t forget the landing net making it easy to fish fish, — it is possible that You are caught not sickly roach, and a good «Bursch» three hundred grams. Fishing line is easier, the average length of main line is 14-16 mm. the length of the leash 8 to 12, depending on the depth of the fishing location and the cleanliness of the water. Don’t neglect the leashes of two reasons: first, tile is a very naughty fish

secondly, during the flood, the water carries a lot of garbage, cut the forest easy. Please pay special attention to the ogruzka. The float should be shipped «balls deep» and fall under the water even with the most careful bite.

Roaches (especially large) is very capricious, there’s no rush! Wait for a good, quality bites, but too long is not worth, because roach does not give a second chance! Remember – a light and delicate tackle is the key to success.

Attachment and feeding.

First, the feeding. In General, there is no catastrophic needs. But it depends on the place. If You catch in places of high concentration fish, such as at the origins of the stream where the current is amplified, turning into some kind of «food track», no lure, of course, is not necessary. Well, if fishing is carried out in a relaxed «spills» where the fish are dispersed throughout the waters in search of «bread and circuses», it would be nice to lure (more strongly recommended lure). Why? It’s just enough to mix some standard generic cheap lure with the usual earth in proportion 1:1. This should be enough. Break it into small portions and occasionally throws.

Helpful hint: if there is no flow at all, it should feed a little bit unusual way. To do this, take a small piece of bait and firmly stick it around the sinker. Next, carefully throw in the place of the supposed catch. The procedure is repeated over and over again (pretend in my mind spent the bait – it should be slightly more than the standard amount). Thus, the lure will gradually settle to the bottom, forming an attractive cloud.

PS – beware of the influx Okley.

Since we are talking about fishing in early spring, you can catch anything, preferring animal baits. But what is often absolutely no difference, whether the worm, larva burdock, maggot or bloodworms. But still, I would stay on the thistles larvae or maggots, despite their «fortress» (they are very hard keep on the hook and can withstand a lot of bites, and You simply don’t have to perenashivanie). Plant tips do fade into the background, their time – the second half, the end of spring.

Useful tip: despite the low relevance of plant baits, I recommend You to have a loaf of fresh white bread – roach – hysterical, don’t know what she wants.

But, here we should pay attention to several points.

First, it is useless to knead and roll bread into pellets. You should try to «chip» as it’s called. When carefully separated (without bending and without changing its shape) a piece of the flesh of the loaf (about the size of 1×1 or 1.5×1.5 cm) neatly threaded it through the tip of the hook, as if plunging into it all hook, and pinch it firmly in the place where the shank of the hook. Attention! Only where the fore-end, the bread must remain attractive and deflating air from contact with the water. With each throw more bread will be in the bottom, attracting fish. Roach loves this showerhead.

Second, the bread must be very fresh, otherwise it will not stay on the hook.

Thirdly, therefore, the bread is easier to stick to the hooks with a short forearm, primitiva to bending (pubis) hook.

Catching roach is a great workout fishing on the float rod. Do NOT neglect this beautiful fish!

Now, when You are ready to hunt for roaches, which is very, very difficult, only wish You success! No scales, no tail, gentlemen!

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