Spring pike fishing on spinning

Spinning for pike in General, exercise a very interesting and exciting for any angler and spring fishing, especially. Pike before spawning, becoming aggressive, extremely voracious, and loses his vigilance and caution, which, of course, is a big plus for fishing and the process of catching, in addition to interest, acquires a certain, economically advantageous aspect, because the catch can be quite decent.

This behavior of the pike during this period is understandable, because the pike over the winter hungry, and the upcoming spawning season leaves its mark, pike needs to gain strength. During spawning pike does not eat, so catching her makes no sense. After spawning the pike with about a week rest, and then again becomes active and the bite is getting pretty good.

The pike fishing in March

Spring in early March reveals a small Creek and the banks begin to gather flocks of fish for food fortification. This circumstance will certainly in a hurry to use the pike. Before spawning, the pike is so hungry that can respond to almost any bait. To be satisfied she is showing increased interest everything. To provoke the bite of pike, bait takes to the ice edge and gently stalkivaetsya in the water.

The pre-spawning period of pike short, so you can’t miss it, but on the contrary, it is imperative to use it to get a good catch. In March the pike should look for to clean the gullies, where there is an intensive enrichment of water with oxygen, causing here directs a large number of small fish that is food for this predator.

The pike fishing in April

In April, the spawning ends. Pike again goes hunting. For this she prefers to use shallow parts of ponds and catch during this period, the pike at a depth unjustified, and completely ridiculous. Besides, pike becomes more legible to the bait, it no longer catches on everything. Therefore, in this period the main task of the fisherman is the study of what lure pike prefer it on this pond. In April pike can be found in the thickets of the flood plains, bays with lots of driftwood, that is, places where it is easy and convenient to hide, that likes to do the pike on their own.

The pike fishing in may

Sated in the pre-spawning period and after spawning, in may, the activity of pikes falls. Besides, your mark on this places and the spring flood makes raising the turbidity of the water. Fishing in such waters to find pike is difficult, and that, in turn, hard to find bait. Therefore, in this period for catching the need to choose locations where water is most pure. Surface lures here do not suit. This is because the fish has already saturated the surface with oxygen and lives at this time in the water column, and, accordingly, there will be the pike. The best place for pike in may will be bays where the water is relatively clean and many small fish. It is easy to assume that somewhere near your bird feeders is the pike.

When is the best time to catch pike

The most successful for catching of a pike is cloudy days with moderate winds. Pike can be caught throughout the day but the best time is the wee hours in the West.

Good luck!

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