Spring perch fishing

When the ice melts completely with the reservoir and the water is a little warmed up you can start perch fishing. Even despite the fact that the water in the muddy pond to catch the fish without too much difficulty, but provided that is properly matched tackle. At this time, may be the usual «track». Under «path» you must not understand the network, and spinning, which is equipped with fishing line with a diameter of 0.22 to 0.25 millimeter. At the end using the carabiner attaches a weight of not more than 25 grams and two branch leash. Leashes must have a minimum length of 30 inches and be set from one another by a distance of approximately 40 cm. For perch at the first water it is recommended to use hooks number 3 maximum 4. Sea bass fishing in early spring difficult and this is due to the fact that the belly is full of fish ROE and caviar.

Bait (worms, bloodworms) to stick on hook should be whole and it is important that a large part of it was hanging freely. It is from how freely the lure to play in the water will depend on the effectiveness of the perch bite.

Spring perch prefers to be on the sidelines and only occasionally to swim in the shallows. To catch bass in the spring should start in the afternoon. Best perch bite after bad weather, at high pressure and during a drizzle.

It is important to note that the perch does not change its place of Parking and hunting, and if you know where it was caught throughout the winter, spring should definitely try to catch it in the same places. But, nevertheless, the spring perch should look at the flanks, where they have access to stranded or watering. It is from these places and you need to start trying to look for perch. The bait thrown at the selected location should give her a little time to settle down and after a pause to start posting. The bait should be conducted with short pauses about 5 seconds, but this needs to be done and long pauses for about 10-15 seconds. The bite in most cases is precisely in such a long stop. In that case if at the moment it bites you not felt something as soon as you start to reel the line will be able to feel the jerks and bumps of the fish in this situation is to perform a sharp cutting is no longer necessary.

This way bass can be fished quite successfully the first two to three weeks after the ice drift.

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