Spring is the time to catch carp

I will not hide that the carp is my favorite fish. She is beautiful, strong, free and cunning. However, the love of carp came to me not because. In the places where I grew up, crucian carp dominated in all nearby lakes, swamp pools and so-called «planters». Competition for him is only a small eel, which wasn’t much, and laziness. As you know, in those waters survived only fish that can survive in extreme conditions freeze completely to the bottom in winter and in summer warms the shallow waters.

Now I live in another country, where the deep and large reservoirs are not uncommon, but children’s observations of the habits of this fish differ very little from the observation of this day.

When you start catching carp.

It is difficult to say with precision and certainty: «In early may, will begin mass biting of a carp!»

Because the beginning of the bite depends on several factors:

1. The nature of the bottom of the concrete pond.

2. Weather conditions.

The nature of the seabed.

Knows the common truth: «in Winter the fish buries itself in mud and falls into a stupor». This truth lately is not always supported by fishermen. Carp are pretty confident bite in the winter. Just noticed that not sleep in bodies of water where a thin layer of silt on the bottom does not give the carp the ability to «sleep».

Therefore, in such waters carp caught from the ice all winter. In the spring it should be a small break in his biting caused by melting ice, and, hence, change the living conditions of the fish. Then continue catching carp with the same intensity.

With other bodies of water where the bottom has a thick layer of silt, the situation is more complicated.

As you remember that depth plays a role. So, small pond is warming up much faster. So carp then wakes up and begins to eat before. Thus, sometimes there is an odd situation.

In my land there are two career. They are located twenty meters from each other. In one small, shallow, carp are biting like mad (before spawning). And in the second, big, deep, underground sources, crucian carp just woke up, gathered into large flocks and goes on the surface.

Weather conditions.

In most of the ponds, the carp started to bite when water temperatures during the week remained above 12 degrees. This means that the weather all this time should be warm, and possibly windy. In my country the weather is usually set in mid-April or early may. (At this time, by the way, I usually take holidays for at least a week.)

This is the best time in the season for catching carp

The fishing place

To select the location for carp fishing in the spring is quite simple.

To be the most heated areas of the reservoir is shallow water, the bottom of dark silt. This is due to the fact that it is in these places concentrates the plankton and have the first underwater animals.

If the pond is for the carp to search there.

The best places for carp fishing in the spring are considered to be small places with a depth of one meter, about the thickets of aquatic vegetation and a muddy bottom. Where can you find the moth, a dragonfly larva and other nymphs. Perfect location — out of the narrow Bay.

Large carp while trying to keep from snags, bushes, at shallow depths of about one metre.

Time of fishing.

This factor is also changeable, but there’s one rule. The first time the fish begins to bite in six to eight in the morning. After that, depending on the weather, it can peck all day. Biting usually ends after sunset.


If the weather is Sunny and quite warm in the afternoon in deep reservoirs the crucian forms flocks that move on the surface of the reservoir at long range. The pack is perfectly visible through the thickness of the heated water, but bait does not react.

Summer of tactics in this period are not working. Carp can take the bait that is directly in front of his nose. To achieve this the spring is very difficult. Any uptick in the vicinity of the pack, scares carp. And the flock slowly, slowly coming. I antidote is not found. I think this spring for this purpose to test the plug.

Generally early spring bait work very badly. The angler in that period two outputs:

1. Look for a Parking place carp.

2. Corny to wait.

It is rare that carp dramatically change passwords and appearance». Where it can be found in the summer he sooner or later appears before spawning. Importantly, the location meets the listed requirements about the nature of the seabed and the depth of the shery. Only he can appear at any time.

Search new places for the more impatient fishermen. But in shallow water the carp tries to stay in the coastal grass, thus revealing themselves.

Range of equipment

How to choose tackle for carp fishing in the spring

The rod

If you have to catch at long range, for carp fishing perfect Bolognese or match rods. As you know, enough length of three to four meters. These fishing rods by definition are lightweight, equipped with a nice extended rings. It is possible that good may reveal itself in the plug, I’m the only one in this situation until you try. If catch remains at a short distance, then a great choice is the centrifugal pole of the same length. The material of this fishing rod is carbon fiber or carbon fiber.

Fishing line and leashes

This item of equipment is not very different from the summer set. I use monofilament 0.2–0.3 mm as the main fishing line and leash from 0.11 to 0.15 mm depending on the size of the fish, turbidity of water and presence of underwater obstacles in the form of flooded snags, bushes, branches.

Sinker and float

In the spring I tend to use sports, light floats with two points of attachment to the main fishing line. This applies to the flight feathers of the rod. The plug has to use a relatively heavy, wagler, but the accuracy of casting and fighting the fish needs to be extremely cautious. In all kinds of moving objects under the surface of the water, and expensive to lose the float – not a very pleasant event.

Sinker is better to use one. Ogruzka float must meet the conditions of fishing. At close range, the float is better to slightly overload. The conditions for fishing at long distances dictate the rules. They need to speak separately.


I do not know who as, and I use the factory hooks «Kamatsu», «Gamakatsu», «Cobra». Special claims to it I have. Maybe only the last one pretty quickly tupjatsja. But they are ideal in fishing waders. Since the classification of hooks order is still not observed, and each manufacturer according to their numbers the hooks, I focus on hooks №6, 8, 10 and 12. The choice depends on the nature and size of the nozzle.

What you need to catch in the spring.

In my opinion, the most difficult question. Because a single approach does not exist. In different areas, in different waters, in the spring the fish bite on different bait. So he and summer has a different passion.

Several years ago I saw a picture during the week:

1. Monday – carp are biting on bloodworms. No other charms, he’s not interested.

2. Tuesday to nibble on barley.

3. Wednesday – fish not at all.

4. Thursday – active nibble on the worm.

5. Friday – carp bite on dough.

6. Saturday – biting maggots.

As you can see, the system is missing. Better when Arsenal have a few baits. Then you can define a signature bait, the method of «scientific spear.» The only thing that can advise: «If in the water, also carp inhabit faster fish, it is best to avoid as a nozzle bloodworms. Gudgeon, bleak, roach and bream ahead of carp. It is better to use worm or maggots.

Bite carp and fish

The bite depends on the conditions of fishing. If we catch all the same from the bottom, most often, Karas raises the float, and leads him to the side. If you have to fish at half depth, that is usually or priceplay it. After hooking, the fish is trying to go into the grass, providing a strong resistance. If the grass he still left, do not rush to force the playing. Release the tension on the fishing line. Usually the carp goes back to free space.

Better large carp to take in the landing net. To boost the fish is only in those cases when the carp are small. The large crucian is better to tire. Simply put out all the jerks with the rod, or use the clutch coil. In the spring, along with often migrates in small crucian carp, and carp rivers. Therefore it is better to be ready for tough fish.

Training places for carp fishing in the spring

Spring. Understand that the flow of water moves along the bottom of branches and driftwood. Before fishing, at least for the day have to work. Need zapadniki go through the place of the proposed fishing gear, collect from the bottom of all that can interfere with normal playing of the fish. But if with a rake to walk on the bottom, you can even attract the fish, digging up some of representatives of underwater fauna.

You can leave in the place of the alleged throw the bait or bait. But then it is better to wait a day to direct activities. Big fish careful. She comes to the place of accumulation of the little things soon.

In the same period, to set spears, to strengthen the place of the supposed catch. We have, for example, the spring spread a marshy soil, boards, tree branches, some bring and stack on wooden pallets. And for all that the fishing was successful.

And what you want.

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