Spring fishing

Spring is a wonderful time of the year for catching roach, Rudd, bream and carp. Ice on the ponds melted, and the coastal areas begin to appear the first signs of aquatic vegetation. It is better to catch in shallow water, as the water there warms up faster and the fish will be in these areas more actively. This time the fish are preparing to spawn and profusely begins to fatten. She takes the bait very eagerly, so I have to cut him loose so as not to damage a hungry predator. Biting fish are very beautiful: float can lead, drown, and sometimes even to put. Caught mostly on moving bait: maggots or worm. It should also be noted that the chosen place needs to lure. This allows the fish to stay longer, and can sometimes come of captured individuals. Basically a large portion of fish bites takes place not in the morning and by the time when the sun rises above the horizon and slightly warms the water. To catch the fish you want without creating noise, as it scares off aquatic life.

Once on the hook, carp and bream behave quite vividly. Large specimens and strive to go in depth and confuse the tackle in the grass. But small individuals of special problems does not deliver. Trophy carp, and bream, it is easy to get will fail, so you should try to tire the fish, raise and give her a breath of air. At this point, the fish was a little drunk, and her need to get using the net, without much noise. Before breeding fish, it is desirable to lower the net into the water, so as not to frighten her. If done correctly – you will remain with a catch.

Not only fish active during this period. A large number of fishermen, both beginners and enthusiasts try to find your treasured instance.

When fishing in the spring has its own nuances. One of these – one fisherman more than one hook and need to catch from the shore. Some of the experienced caught violating this rule is put online, TV, catch a few rods. Such guys usually takes water-bailiff.

I’d love to draw the attention of tourists and fishermen. On the ground after they leave mountains of leftovers, disposable tableware, glass and other debris. How hard is it to remove the garbage in bags and take to the nearest bins?! Do not spit in the plate from which you eat!

I wish everyone good fishing, good trophies and no tail, no scales!

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