Spring fishing white bream on a float at the mouths of creeks

In mid-March, large schools of white bream leave the wintering holes and move into estuaries in search of wide stretches of river with a slow current. There they gather in flocks. Prior to spawning they should be actively nagoeva weight to recover after the long winter months. Large individuals of this species are rarely found in shallow water, where vegetation is infested with a huge number of small roach and skimmers. Being more crepuscular fish, she prefers to hide from the bright fluorescent light in areas of Zaton, where there are pits or beneath the beach be open to a depth of three meters. The most effective to catch a white bream on a conventional rod with a float. It is recommended to choose the rod, equipped with a monolithic whip. It has good flexibility and allows to apply the line about 0,14–0,16 mm in diameter. Given that bream respond to the lure, flies freely near the bottom, you can use the following form of equipment. On the fishing line about a foot away from the leash is attached sinker-olive. Its weight is chosen depending on flow rate and used rods for fishing. It is necessary to provide greater casting distance and deliver a hook with a bait in the right place, for example on the perimeter of the pit. Below sinkers centimeters by twenty-five mounted pellet, which aims to hold the hook with the bait on the bottom. Then at the end of the main fishing line tied to the swivel which is directly attached a long leash. The leash is better to use a thin, somewhere 0.1 mm and thinner, because bream are very shy and a thicker fishing line can spook the already cautious fish. Bream does not differ very large and therefore such a leash, of course with certain skills, you can get a fish weighing one and a half and two kilograms.

Everywhere as bait for catching white bream use maggot, worm and bloodworm.

As foods in the spring is better to use bullets with steamed cereal or just cereals. They are heavy, tight, and quite fragrant. As the animal component, it is better to add little maggot, you can use chopped worm, but then be prepared that instead of the expected white bream on the hook will be bream. Feeding bowls must be rolled up so as not to crumble to pieces when they hit the water. They must slowly dissolve, taking the flow of particles of cereals and maggots. After casting the lure to the fish, as a rule, will not keep itself waiting long. Bite of white bream often decisive, she pulls the nozzle, and immediately swallows her mouth. But it happens that fish, sensing something was wrong, still throws the hook. Bream big handy part of pulling the bait, so it is worth remembering that it is necessary to strike immediately at the slightest movement of the float.

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