Spring fishing tactics

The first period

In the spring fishing on small rivers may be divided into two main periods. The first period was in the period the ice melts and immediately, while the river was not included in the pool.

The second period of fishing starts with the entry of the river to the shore. Summer water level is not yet established. The fish catch depends on the tactics of carrying out of the scheme of fishing.

The first period of fishing transient, lasting a few days and lasts for two weeks. Fish during this period, hiding in clusters from debris. All kinds of inhabitants of the river can be found here. Where there are blockages, there are no fish. In the water the fish is cautious and does not admit to themselves. Bait this season better give posting it near the bottom, from a few centimeters. The scraping along the bottom to exclude as hard broderic. Fish are sensitive and afraid. The correct posting is a chain weights the size of same.

Practice catching offers first measure the depth of the bottom. Angler, with depth gauge, explores the bottom in front of him and below on the river. The tip of the float is below the water surface. The angler can experiment with the float, placing it above, below. The depth of the bottom of the can for convenience be noted on the rod with a marker. It is convenient and frequent surveys of the seabed are excluded. The best and main attraction in the spring in small rivers is a Joker. But we can not exclude an earthworm and the larvae of dragonflies/Naiads/. Lure fish chopped worm, buried in the ground in small balls. The float is thrown into the stream running parallel to the shore, smoothly. If the fisherman is lucky, the fish begins to bite once, after about 5 minutes – 10, if not, you need to change location. You can move around the river, looking for a place to catch and not pass one kilometer. But to catch a worthy trophy will bring a complete delight.


The second period

It starts with the heating of the sun. Fish aktiviziruyutsya. She already spawn as muscle, Eltsov, scattered throughout the area. Usual bite decided. On the shores, in the shallows under overhanging bushes appears roach, Chub and bream. The composition of the mixture with the heated water changes. Most of the foods are made of plant components, along with the maggots and the larvae of caddis. Bait served with a stop or holding the hook against the current along the bottom. But the main condition of fishing is the rule, fish are better for underfeeding. If used in the head maggot, the lure to do. The lure of exercise is often, but in small doses. Throwing the bait under a float, should throw bright-eyed larvae. They create a stir among the fish of this region, pulling and others. The bait is effective loose feeding with a mixture of the earth with maggots or pupae, after and without it.

During the flood the best equipment for fishing is considered to be the feeder. The river overflows its banks, and reach the desired point, where fish live, with his help. Hearty bait helps to attract big fish.

For catching carp in the menu are used in dry mixes. They are the brand. But experienced fishermen use proven ingredients – millet, barley. The main bait for carp are worms. Large carp goes on the nozzle of several invertebrates. When weak Kleve is better to use bloodworms, but the presence of maggots required. Fish accustomed to maggots and well on it goes. Using insights fishermen can focus on catching carp. Day by day, carp are rarely caught, he does not bite. And you can stand all day. But tonight in an hour you can make up for lost time. Not the last factor in carp fishing is the water temperature.

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