Spring fishing roach

When you start catching perch on small rivers, the best fishing will be fishing on the float rod and the wiring. The rod should be up to five meters in length, preferably telescopic. On the rod must be the throughput of the ring. The coil you can use either spinning or conventional, depending on how far you will be casting. Depending on flow velocity and depth, the shape of the float should be rounded with a long metal keel. Since the wire diameter of the keel is small, the resistance of the flow is insignificant and therefore the float will stand steadily in the water.

When catching roach one burden is usually put under the keel of floater ( smaller pellet ) , and the second weight ( large) at the bottom. The float need to nadograditi ( that is, if the capacity load of 4 gr.the total weight is 3.5-3.7 gr.). In this embodiment, no false bites.

The leash is better to use long, and it needs to be smaller diameter than the main fishing line. To the connection of the leash with the main fishing line does not accumulate algae, it is better not to combine them loop by loop.

The hook is usually taken depending on the bait.

When fishing for roach usually apply the following baits: worms, bloodworms, the larvae of caddis and dragonflies.

Snap-in rods when fishing for roach in spring:

1.Basic scaffold – 0.1 – 0.12 mm

2.Leash – 0.10 – 0.08 mm

3.Hook No. 14 – 20

4.The float capacity is 0.5 – 2.0 g., with an antenna of diameter 2 – 4 mm

5.The length of the leash is 15 – 30 cm.

Roach usually going Parking on a well-warmed backwaters with uniform and slow flow.

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