Spring fishing on the don

The don river is the largest water artery of the South of Russia. It takes its rise in a small lake, located in the Tula region and slowly carries its waters to the confluence of the sea of Azov. Very picturesque scenery and a rich variety of river inhabitants to attract on the shores of the don many anglers. Don waters permanent residence of a large number of species of fish, here you can find carp, perch, catfish, burbot, bream, carp, a total of about 90 species of fish.

As for the spring fishing on the don, first of all, it is worth considering a ban on fishing during the spring spawning period from early April until the end of may. Spring break on the don starts in mid-March and ends typically in late April. As a result, uneven melting of ice and snow cover with the onset of spring days don waters often flood large coastal areas.

Perhaps the most frequent trophy of a fisherman in the lower reaches of the don river, is bull. This fish is of small size not bad caught on a Donk, using as bait a worm or a piece of the same bull. The size of the don bull did not exceed 25 cm and a weight of 300 grams. Goby is extremely hardy to the environment, survives even when there is insufficient content of oxygen in the water and in the freezing of the reservoir, in this case, it buries itself in the bottom mud and therefore overwinter. A rather interesting feature of this fish is that the color of a bull can vary depending on its environment, placed in the net is white, the bull after a short period of time changes the colour of his body for a brighter tone. Under natural conditions, the goby feeds on invertebrates, juvenile fish, tadpoles and even small leaguetime.

Representatives of the carp family so often become a desirable catch for fishermen of the don. RAM – a resident of Azov and the Black sea enters the river of the water twice a year, in spring to spawn and in the fall in preparation for winter. For catching roach most commonly used rod from 4 to 7 meters in length. Fish are biting well on bloodworms, maggots, worms, barley or dough. RAM is very tasty in dried or smoked form.

The hunt for pike in the don , you can start immediately after the disappearance of the ice cover. Small pike tend to stay shallow in places that are well warmed up by the sun. Larger individuals caught on the hook in deeper places, in large pits and dams submerged snags. In the period immediately after spawning pike is particularly voracious and bad caught on live bait, (small roach, perch) as well as on mugs. In the spring you can catch pike on spinning and float fishing from the boat, surfacing close to the middle of the river, where pike is gradually shifting with the onset of warm days.

Undoubtedly the most coveted prey of the angler – river king – com. You need to look for catfish in deep holes, pools of water, among the submerged snags. However, during spring floods, the catfish may come to understand, filled with floodwater. Fish Catfish quite whimsical and in order to catch him you need to guess the bait most appropriate in this period of time. An appropriate nozzle, you can apply mole cricket, grasshoppers, crayfish, various caterpillars and live bait. Usually catch catfish from a boat, throwing the tackle from the stern and leaving unwound a few metres of the line. When the catfish bite picks gradually free the line several times, trying to lure the taste, but not swallowing it immediately. For successful podsahania soma should not rush, you need to choose the right time. Going on the hunt for catfish need to stock up on strong tackle, patience and composure, these factors will be faithful the key to successful fishing.


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