Spring fishing in standing water

In our area a lot of stagnant water, and if they live at least some fish, lack of fishing lakes do not. Standing call those lakes in which no current is lakes, ponds, reservoirs.

Before going on a fishing trip, it is necessary to determine in advance what kind of fish you want to deal, depends on what to take the bait. For example, if you expect to catch only platok to take live bait is not necessary.

Before the first time to go to the pond, careful study. Not the superfluous will know where the fish feeds, because in stagnant ponds fish, in contrast to rivers, where food is practically swims in his mouth, constantly moving in search of food.

In ponds and lakes the water temperature rises much faster than in rivers. The best fishing in such areas, especially in the summer is early morning and evening. Also good catch describes itself, and night fishing.

Spring day the fish is usually very active, often arrives at the feeding place. In cold weather the fish usually gather around the shore, as the water is warmer and saturated with oxygen and are already here waiting for the fishermen to mandatory success.

In the tackle for fishing in ponds and rivers much of a difference there, one thing to consider is the fact that in still water the fish is accustomed to a quiet life and is very shy, so you should use thinner line and smaller hooks.

The most popular tackle in this fishing is to float rod. The line is necessary to select separately for each fish species, for example bream fishing, it is best to use fishing line 0.12 mm in diameter, which can withstand a tear force in half a kilogram. In still water the fish usually resists slightly, so the line breaks here are extremely rare. When choosing a rod you should prefer long, because the longer the rod, the easier it will be to throw tackle in the shore vegetation.

The bait, in contrast to river fishing, you can use absolutely any, the main thing is to find what the fish like. However, you should consider the fact that the preference of fish will give all the same familiar food. Also not the superfluous will know that the fish reacts to odors, so don’t be afraid to use various flavorings. The first portion of bait should submit more, then served several otherwise the fish will feed on the lure and the bait won’t even look.

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