Spring fishing for catfish

At the time when the temperature of the water in the pond warms up to eight degrees, som gradually begins to move away from its winter slumber. At this time, som is still sluggish and not very active, but despite this the chances of his capture will always remain. During the spring fishing, it is important to find the warmest area of the reservoir, most often it is the small estuary, coastal shallows, underwater Islands. But in addition in close proximity to these sites should always have a deep area of the reservoir. Spring catfish it is best to start to catch after lunch, when the sun begins to heat well water and also the active soma is greatly increased. When choosing bait, it is worth considering that som is still not strong enough to chase down a large bait. For catching him in this period of time is ideal as bait a bunch of worms, chicken livers, a small piece of the liver and other options like charms.

After the water in the pond warms up to 17 degrees the catfish starts feeding period, during this time, he practically goes through in the food and begins to throw all that he offered as bait. In those days, you can easily try to catch a catfish on an artificial bait. To catch a predator not only on depth but also on the shallow parts of the river. In addition, soma can be seen on the flooded meadows and near bushes. The best bait for catching catfish spring will be a decent beam with 15-25 worms.

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