Spring fishing for carp

Spring is the most suitable time for carp fishing. Fishing can begin in early spring, when ice on the ponds just melted, but still the best time for fishing is early may. During this period the carp Wake up from hibernation and trying to restore the supply of energy in the winter. In this short period of time carp are intensively gaining weight before spawning and feed actively.

Spring fishing for carp is significantly different from summer or autumn, as the angler have to look for the Parking of the fish. During this period the fish are actively moving around the pond, so search it resembles the search of roach or Chub. However, may is a great period for fishing, as peck decent copies.

Choosing the right location fishing

Correctly chosen place of fishing – the success of fishing. When choosing where carp fishing is necessary to consider the fact that the water is insufficiently heated, so often a flock of fish will be in shallow water, where the water is much warmer. It should also be remembered that in the spring the carp need to look like looking for Parking roaches, just enough to lure the same fishing spot in the hope that it will attract the attention of the pack. The location of schools of fish can be seen with the naked eye, for example, the swaying of the reeds. Karas likes to Tinker in the thickets of aquatic vegetation, thereby betraying its presence. The best place for fishing is the shallow water depth of 1 meter near the grass. On the shore you should move very carefully, as the carp feels the vibration of the ground under their feet.

Tackle for catching carp.

Fishing usually uses a 5-metre telescopic rod. The line should be taken not thinner than 0.18 mm, since the bite of a large carp can end with a dangling tackle. Since fish have next to a clump of grass, is not superfluous to install the leash. For leash usually use fishing line 0,15 mm. For carp, you must put a large enough hook №8-10. Small hooks will not work, as the nozzle is often necessary to use a worm. Besides the little hook harder to catch big fish. The float it is recommended to put the lightest, weighing up to 3 oz. Often use a goose feather.

Select the nozzle

Spring carp feeds mostly on animal food. This fact must be considered when choosing lures. As bait use worms, maggots or caddis. A good head is considered a «sandwich» (the worm – maggot – worm). Carp often bite on a crank. To take with you on fishing with bread, dough and other vegetable bait is not recommended — they will not attract the attention of fish.


In identifying karasini pack should lure place. The Foundation of bait serve breadcrumbs. To attract fish to add to the composition of the mixture of chopped earthworms or bloodworms.

The fish

In the spring, carp are very mobile, so after hooking it to behave very actively. Angling for small carp no problems. Otherwise, things with large instances who run in the grass, confusing thereby tackle. Big carp can pull ahead – it will end a dangling tackle. In this case it is necessary to bore the fish, «lead» her, while sipping jerks the rod itself. After the fish came to the surface, should as soon as possible to make it in the landing net.

Spring carp fishing is not always successful and depends on a number of factors, including wind and weather. It happens that after a day on the pond in the cage is only a few carp. But a couple of hard copies are taken there, where in summer you can catch only «noses» that outweighs all the disadvantages.


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