Spring fishing for carp the bait

In the second half of April-early may starts with a float fishing for carp. The beginning of fishing depends entirely on weather conditions spring arrived.

The bite starts much faster if the early spring, and the weather is warm enough. During such weather conditions in mid-April the fish started biting. If the spring has set in late and the snow has melted only by the end of March, the fish begin to bite, not earlier than the beginning of may.

Carp becomes active only after the water temperature will increase slightly after the winter cold. On small ponds the bite usually starts much earlier, and this contributes to the shallow depth of the reservoir, the water typically warms up much faster.

If the lake is large and the depth in this pond is not too small, in such a place, even in the very early spring, the bite will start soon. In the spring the fish prefers to dwell about cane Islands on or near any other vegetation, as there usually is something to make money. The depth of crucian carp prefers no more than five feet.

You should know that when fishing for carp in the spring, it is necessary to search around the pond, constantly changing the place for fishing. After a winter carp is usually very active and is always in motion. Do not rely on the fact that the carp will bite in the same place as in summer. To throw the bait into the water should be after you have determined the place of fishing.

For spring fishing for carp can be used as a primary is the fishing rod without reel, five, and even seven meters, or with a coil which will be a little shorter. Floats should not choose a very large size with an oblong shape. Sinker and bait should be on the bottom as the carp fishing is on the bottom. Also for carp fishing in the spring use a variety of bait can be a common dung worm and barley, pastry, maggot.

If you are going on a spring fishing trip it is advisable to take several types, some carp will bite, although the preference is still gives the normal worm. It is also recommended to use when carp fishing a variety of baits. Carp are usually eagerly swims up to the bait.

However, be aware that if you use different scents you have to be very careful as if you overdo it the result of fishing may be quite different than expected. Usually, a pound of prepared bait add seven drops of flavoring. The flavors are different flavors of anise, vanilla, and corn with the smell of cannabis, and many others.

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