Spring fishing for bream, roach, Chub, IDE and other fish

Together with the warmth starts to move and peaceful fish, which enhances their activity for two to three weeks of spawning. Spring fishing can be a good idea to spend on small streams during floods. But the intensity of biting in this case, as a rule, is determined by the level of water in the reservoir. At higher water levels the biting is worse.

During spawning, fish behavior, there comes a lull, and then a gradual increase in activity. During this period, white bream, roach, Chub, IDE and other fish tend to places with good food – backwaters, snags, and various debris. In such places the fish rests and eats food, which brings over.

The choice of nozzles for the spring fishing depends on the fishing pond. In some waters fish can be very selective with regard to the proposed nozzles, and other water bodies, on the contrary, fish are surprisingly omnivorous. For spring fishing is good to use as a nozzle of the worm, caddis, bloodworm, larvae dragonfly.

For successful catching fish in the spring in small rivers it is not necessary to use baits. The main thing for this spring fishing is the definition of a prospective place of fishing. Usually white fish massively accumulates in the ducts in reeds, sedges appears with greens.

If you can’t find a promising place for a spring trip to try to attract the fish dishes, made of loam and chopped worms. Mixture should roll into balls and toss close to the fast water where they are washed away by the current. During a fishing trip in the spring to further attract fish, fishermen add into balls food for aquarium fish, the smell of which attracts fish from afar.

Fish spring has been very cautious, so for the spring fishing, you should use the wiring, only in three to five meters. Wiring should be performed from behind cover, and closer to vegetation. During wiring you need to run the game and the adherence of the float, to slightly raise the nozzle above the ground. It is in these moments most often bite.

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