Spring fishing float rod

Pleasant to open the season fishing on a small Creek. Slightly over can abandon the bulky rods and eliminates the need for «prudence». Better to stay on the usual centrifugal rod with a float snap-in.

The biggest problem is finding «cool» places. Even without the abundance of food in cold water fish is localized in certain places. The bulk of these places are recognized by the grass and bushes. Will also fit bays and areas with return flow. Under good weather conditions it is easy to come across a roach and bleak.

For this kind of fishing is quite the rod up to a length of 3 meters. The snap-in to allow control of movement of the lure and feel the lightest and careful bite. With the loss of control over the movement of equipment question good catch immediately becomes very controversial.

One of the mistakes many anglers is the establishment of the equipment of the house and not on the location. Every fisherman has their habits, due to which there where no luck one or the other could take a pretty significant catch. Looking for a place under tackle – it is long and troublesome. Much easier to adjust gear under the chosen place. It is often necessary to design the snap-in again. It all depends on water currents and eddies of his power, the presence of vegetation on the bottom and its topography and, of course, depth. At equal days it is advisable to look for hills or bumps.

It is not necessary to use rhyme a thick fishing line. She just will «parasite» depending on the river flow, which will reduce the durability of the snap. Weights are preferably applied in an amount of not less 3shtuk. Location to select the weights depending on the strength of the flow – in strong they should be placed at the same point, and in the quiet places, to carry on the line.

The float is better to use a spindle. To be sustainable it is better suited to long and heavy metal keel.

In strong currents, a variety of small transactions. When using centrifugal fishing rods effective to establish a descent at which the baited hook will only occasionally touch the bottom. It is important to adjust the length of the leash.

If within smooth and weak, the need for complex transactions is lost, since in such places the fish will not chase a bait, the more water in early spring is not very transparent. The best option would be slowly dragging a baited hook on the bottom.

Also needed a lure that can attract fish. Despite the fact that the water in this season is quite muddy, the emphasis should be on strong, attractive smell. This bait is the most common among fans of the worm.

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