Sprats from the river of small fish

Mainly production modern anglers getting fish shallow and stupid. Individuals of larger sizes have learned a good deal in Lisky and hooks, and, it seems, to distinguish», Gamakatsu of Guhitamo». This led to the fact that the Fisher house meets only selfish cat, but his wife locked in a room with the comment: «He’ll clean their fry…»

So, what to do with small fish?

If we talk about bleak, this is one of the fatty fish the European part of Russia. Only chehon fatter bleak. Bleak but the meat is more tender. The only drawback to this fish is that it is too small. Copies of a palm of an adult considered to be large, even very large for the bleak.

But precisely because this fish is very delicious homemade sprats, despite the difference in technology the factory and home. Sprat production from ordinary sardines are cooked without Smoking. Home is it necessary to give a unique taste of homemade sprat. Besides the house all done for myself, how to prepare the product in the factory? Who knows…

So, where do you start? As has been said, the fishermen were met by the cat, received an award for loyalty, wife shamefully deserted, and the fisherman was left alone with a bunch of fish to fry… First the fish needs to pickle in the dry way. To do this, gutting the fish, RUB with salt against the scales and put in some mesh baking sheet, so that moisture can drain from the carcasses. Excessive moisture when smoked is not needed, otherwise the fish will cook. Two hours later, and even before the fish can be placed in the smokehouse, hanging on the studs and stacked on a pallet for fish backs up. The smoker can be set in a cool place for a breeze to carcass a little podelilis.

Dry fish is not necessary. Enough hours for podvyalivaniya fish. Then in the pallet smokehouse is added 2-3 tablespoons of alder, Apple or willow sawdust, smoke house is placed on a strong fire, which will set the temperature for smouldering sawdust. After 3 minutes, a fire can be reduced to medium. Half an hour later the smoker is removed from the fire and retracted into the shadows. While it cools, and the process of Smoking flavored also cools the smoke.

Chilled fish again slightly podvyalivayut and then placed in a pressure cooker. After boiling, removed the foam, the water level is such that it covers the top layer of fish. Then in a pressure cooker generously added vegetable or olive oil. At least 300 ml should be oil. And here, as in the case of porridge, butter will not spoil the product… Salt and pepper are added to taste, but with little pea, as when it is ready, sprats and cooling of product, a little salt will go away. However, salt – sensitive topic, all to your taste. Insufficient salting better… you can Add a piece of Bay leaf.

After 2 hours of cooking under pressure in a pressure cooker sprats can be spread and cool. The product is ready, it’s time to set the table. Taste homemade sprat will probably be somewhat different from the Baltic sardines in oil, but, believe me, will not be worse, better, Yes… at least in the home product all natural, no preservatives, flavorings and other chemicals.

Sprats caught from little things

Like sprats can be cooked from any other small fish of the carp family with the exception of tench and carp as these fish smell Tina. These fishes and often better fish to fry in the pan, where they are great, especially in the sour cream. And for sprat the best fit, except for bleak, small roaches, roach-Bursch, bream, skimmers, galalite, Rudd.

Homemade sprats do not roll in the banks. This can be dangerous during long-term storage, when imperfect domestic technology in banks can form botulism and possibly severe poisoning. Banks with sprats cover with plastic lids and put in the fridge. And stored for a long time they do not have. Wife, contemptuous comments about petty bleak, will not say so on the finished product, and the next time will be more careful in contemptuous epithets. After all, sprats home – it’s delicious…

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