Sprat is an essential bait for winter fishing

For winter fishing on the waters of the Moscow region the most common bait is whitebait. Her excellent bite pike-perch, Bursch, perch and other predatory fish. So beefy head is a good target for underwater predators. If there is not a sprat, it is possible to catch and bleak (verhoplavku), but this substitution is ineffective. Whitebait is better! Predators prefer fresh bait, and to hook it lasts longer. But this is only for fussy Bursch, perch and pike are excellent, and take frozen, salted sprat. In winter there are many reservoirs that are not captured by the ice where you can catch a lift with fresh bait. Frozen and salted sprat buy in the store, on the market. Fifty fish will be enough for one fishing.

On the Rybinsk reservoir, Istra and the other when fishing for Zander, big perch, bersha and burbot for bait use only the nozzle. Have caught fish in the stomachs is a lot more not digested sprat.

The hook bait is placed or the tail, or a couple of punctures closer to the spine – so it would be better to hold onto our gear. The method of fixing depends on how the bait is on the bottom, the tackle is a single hook, spinner or jig. Also depends on how we catch – actively «play» at the bottom or just waiting for a nibble located on the ice fishing rods. Bait, impaled on two flat lots more «playing» with the flow, and this can have both advantages and disadvantages, depending on fish species and pond.

For catching live bait usually use conventional bottom rods of different types, durable, reliable and convenient during fishing. When fishing for sprat some special «games» the bait is not necessary. So, for example, fit a simple rod with a whip of medium length and coil about 90 mm in diameter. A nod is necessary! It needs to be elastic, as the fishing takes place on a sufficiently large depth, where there is a current.

When choosing the thickness of the line must be based on two considerations. On the one hand, the scaffold must have sufficient strength to be able to pull out the big fish. Well, on the other hand, the thicker the line, the rougher will be the tackle, and its sensitivity is reduced.

Varieties of equipment for fishing, there are many, but mostly use the jig on the end of a fishing line and hook, fastened at 250 mm above it.

Some anglers use a fishing rod with a lure that glows in the dark depths. Such a snap-in cable for 15-inch leash. Additionally tie double and triple hooks, but they are somewhat awkward – often cling to the edge of the hole. A tackle is equipped with a luminous lure is effective when fishing for pike. The glow attracts the fish in dark water at a depth under a layer of ice.

Sprat as bait is used when fishing winter zherlits and when trolling. For the best bite can be a bit to throw the bait into the hole. It can be shredded pieces of fish fillet or chopped meat.

No good fishing trip is not complete without the use of this wonderful fish.

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