Spotted setter – is designed for hunting dog,all you need to know to choose the dogs for hunting

We do not know the origin of the speckled setter, it is believed that the ancestor of the breed was one of the types of spaniels. The breed is called setter because of the natural tendency of the dog to constantly Crouch to the ground. Until the mid-19th century, all setters were considered to be of English origin, and got their names by the names of the nursery where they lived. Every nursery has created its own special breed among themselves, the setters were distinguished not only by color, but by the Constitution of the body. Speckled setter recognized as a separate breed closer to the middle of the last century, immediately prior to the exhibitions.

In our region, this breed of dog was in the distant 1885.

Speckled setters just designed for hunting: they are hardy, agile, enterprising, have good sense of smell.

Cable height at the withers 54-62 cm, females usually below a couple of inches. Speckled setter perfectly combines elegance and endurance. Has a fairly lean physique, active and energetic. The search moves fast creeping gallop.

Dogs of this breed are white in color with black (sometimes orange or dark brown) smears, spots or specks which are located throughout the body. Very rare pure white specimens.

Wool thick soft, slightly shiny tint. The dogs in the indoor environment the undercoat is missing.

Speckled setter has a thick elastic skin, well-developed skeleton and strong muscles.

The skull is of small size, oval in shape, noticeable a distinct occiput. Dogs of this breed have thick lips, the upper slightly hanging over the bottom.

The ears reach a length tip of nose, thin drooping, slightly rounded bottom, are at eye level.

Eyes straight, eyes round in shape, large in size often have a dark brown hue.

Scissor bite, teeth white in color solid, gaps between the teeth are missing.

Chest moderately broad below the level of the elbows. The ribs and false ribs are well developed.

The withers are noticeably rises above the back line. Back straight, rather wide, with powerfully developed muscles.

Front and hindquarters, well boned, with strong muscles.

Feet slightly oval, fingers clenched, claws aimed at the ground.

Maroon setter is the tail straight or saber shaped.

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