Spotivnaya hunting boar,organizing and conducting

Boar hunting can be divided into two types, and it specifically or sporting interest or character of the consumer. Definitely immediately identify a more suitable type of hunting is extremely difficult, because first you should familiarize yourself with some features and nuances, and only after that you will be able to make your final choice. In the countries of Western Europe is rapidly developing sport hunting from ambush for boars, it can even be highlighted as the most popular in these places.

In our country such type very rarely seen, it is also given little attention. Under sport hunting can understand the individual style, as the hunter will have face to face with the beast.

Sport hunting from an ambush is an effective method, only that hunter was able to get production, he should, as a rule, to prepare. Experts recommend to ambush in those places where there is feeding, and where established feeding grounds, it is possible to select a track, because wild boars almost always move to the set of feed the ground already trodden passages. To get maximum success in hunting, you should carefully study the terrain, and also know that in some areas will have more forage, and in what places go on the wild boar feeding.

After the area you completely understand, you should begin to explore ways the daily migration, as well as to learn about what paths to move pigs. Only then the above you can start to organize an ambush you will need a considerable amount of time. Pre-set for themselves several places to hunt when you can select them depending on the flow of the wind and weather conditions. Consider the time to shoot a pig, you will probably have closer to twilight, and accordingly the distance to the animal should be no more than twenty-five meters, otherwise you may just miss or only wound your prey.

Also bear in mind that visibility will be limited, so when they see the beast, it is not necessary to wait until he zooms in or out, if you are not sure that the right aim, be sure to do a shot. Ambush, as a rule, should be prepared in the daytime, we recommend that you start work early in the morning, so you will be able to identify the most optimal and favorable places. To go on an ambush you will need before sundown, while by no means impossible to cross the trail. To your intended location, you will have to go sideways. The site must be prepared first before you go hunting so you can organize an ambush and desirable disguise.

When you come for your assigned place, you’ll be able to expect a sitting boar, since you will need a considerable amount of time to wait for her. When you will choose a better place, you should also check on the usability of the weapon, it in no case should not hurt the branches in the shot. Also while waiting you have to be very careful as the slightest noise can quickly scare off the beast, and he instantly disappears.

For this hunt you should be good to prepare and most important to dress warmly, but we recommend you just take the clothes with him to hunt and then to dress for your planned location. Thus, while you get to your ambush, you will not be getting warmed up. The scent from boars is very high, so you should start preparation at home.

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