Spinning reel and her choice

Spinning reel is a complex device that consists of a very large number of parts. These inductors typically have a higher cost compared to other such devices. A coil of this type is often used to fishing with very thin fishing line, which is basically not used with the already known spolecnym fishing reels. But it’s worth noting that this type of coil occur for other size lines. The exception may be the match model. Usually reel manufacturers leave information for fishermen about how thick you need to use the line, if than the specified figures show the maximum size. Spinning reel medium size should be used with fishing line to a maximum of 0.35 mm thickness, then all its properties will be most involved in fishing. Reset itself when casting the fishing line into the pond in such a coil is slightly different from the same process simple spolecznych coils. And the axis of the drum described coil parallel to the directions of departure of the fishing line, the reel during the cast will not rotate. Fishing line will gradually descend from the spiral drum via an outer cheek, and that’s why the weight of the drum does not affect and not to interfere with the throw, unlike ordinary coils and gives you the chance to fly fish for bait. Cascading length of fishing line during casting bait into the pond will strictly correspond to the velocity and flies to the bait. As soon as the movement of bait, and stop the very flow of the line. Any braking you do not need in the process of casting to do, and that is the advantage of a coil. Spinning reel has one more advantage, which is that it is able to prevent it very difficult to cast very light baits for their weight. Also, such a coil can use a very thin fishing line due to its fixture, which can be pre-set, and the desired maximum load for your scaffold. That’s because the skillful treatment of line you will be discharged during heavy playing fish, unless the fish aren’t going to rip you entire stock of fishing line with reel drum. Reverse PREROLL your fishing line will be a special line bale, which is driven by the special handle on the reel. Spinning reel works well complete with a rod which has a low strength. To equip such rods carrying rings, which have a fairly large size, much more than for use with a conventional reel. For example, the diameter of the inlet ring of your rod should not be less than 35 mm. Reel set the rod in the lower position and twist her arm with his left hand. But there are also coils which can move the arm in the desired direction.

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