Spinning imitation fish with their hands

Winter fishing on imitation fish is one of the most popular ways of catching predators among fishermen. This particular direction, because for successful fishing need to know a lot of details. And here is the flag raised. Fishing nervously runs to tackle on the slippery ice. He’s already looking forward to the fight with a water inhabitant, the level of adrenaline rolls over, the heart began to beat. But disappointment… a single bite…Frustrated fishing begins to blame himself: «they say big, loud, stomped feet and the fish got scared.» Or sin on the activity of the predator: «he does Not want to eat. Spoiled».

It’s much easier, and the reason that Newton’s first law – inertia. It is often seizing the bait, the fish feels the resistance force of the coil, and feeling the catch, throws it. It would seem that this does not compete, but our Russian people are not so simple. And here was invented the solution – instantaneous zherlitsa, and do it yourself quite easily. How? Let’s deal.

We make imitation fish

What we need to do this:

• Simple winter imitation fish (standard).

• The cork of the champagne or sparkling wine (wooden).

• Dural tube. You can also use aluminum. In length it should be from 12 to 16 inches in diameter about 10 millimeters.

• Plate from the designer for children. She needs to have 7 holes.

• Lead shot (cortech) with a diameter of 6 millimeters. Quantity — 5 or 6 pieces to Take it from a friend of the hunter, and if no such person is to buy in the weapon shop.

• Thick-walled rubber tube, but you can use the nipple. You need to cut some rings.

And so, if all this is available at himself, then we can start to make tools.

• First of all, you need to drill a channel in the middle of the tube to the diameter of the tube, but not through.

• In traffic on 5/6 its size insert the dural tube.

• Next we need the plate from the designer. It is necessary to bend the letter «P».

• After done procedure the letter «P» to attach to the pipe using the threaded rings and plugs.

• These rubber rings you have to insert the check box.

• In a hole that throws the shot. It is important that there he could move freely, because it affects the balancing of the imitation fish and its fixation in the extreme positions. Close the hole. You can use the remnants of the tube or cut disk for a new one which will be perfect on the diameter. Its thickness should not exceed 3-4 mm.

• Using the screw or screws that fasten «the letter «P»» stands to the imitation fish. She should not hang out, and to rotate freely. Important point: the inside of the cap screw must be flat.

• The lower side of the tube drilled a small groove. She will be falls line (for fixing) when the imitation fish will be waiting for the bite.

Well, that’s all the tackle ready. Now you need to prepare for fishing. Take the fishing line, tie it to the rack winter imitation fish, it pulls the tube 5-10 meters (monofilnaya monofilament of 0.2-0.24 mm), weight set 2 lead pellets of 0.5 grams to the end of the fishing line is attached single hook. Now we can go on the water.

It is very simple: put the bait descends in the water, put the hooks under the ice flag to the bottom, in the groove on the tube to go to the scaffold. Properly balanced tackle not turned on the wind but easy to react to the lift. When you bite pellets that are in the middle of the tube, roll, box rises, while the fishing line is slipping in the groove and freely coming off the tube. The main advantage of this tackle – the ability to use cuttings of large size. Just for this you need to add a few more pellets in the tube.

As practice shows, when fishing on imitation fish instantaneous effective number of bites increased to 95 %, whereas in conventional Gerlich, the figure is 65%. So do not waste time, make the tackle and move on the water – you are waiting for your trophies.

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