One of the most popular baits for predators are spinners. They are practical and have so many different advantages over other baits and jig baits.

First, it is easy to use. When fishing with spinners simply turn the handle of the reel and other work chopper’ll do it myself. Even for a beginner who is not familiar with all the intricacies of the transaction, will be able to produce a trophy on a lure your fish.

Secondly, it is their democratic price, compared to sablyami or other delights for predators. And in the matter of obtaining effect, these baubles are absolutely not inferior to any baits. Especially there are five models from reputable well-known manufacturers. The most popular is of course the Japanese manufacturers. Their spinners can be considered a true work of art. Next come the French and the Americans. Their baubles respect all the masters of spinning, besides they are much cheaper than Japanese.

Turntables work very well even with cheap manolescu. While, for fishing lures, such manolescu absolutely not suitable, because of its stretchability.

Another advantage of spinners is their increased resistance in the wiring. By keeping constant tension of the fishing line, the wiring becomes more sensitive, which makes it easy to control the bait. Good line tension and gives the ability exactly and without loops, lay it on the spool. Experienced anglers know that this is also of a very high quality, which enables to save nerves and time, freeing you from untangling the beard.

But still, it is believed that the main advantage of fans is their unique high-frequency vibrations, which can attract a predator even at a greater distance. This phenomenon is still not fully understood. It is not clear what causes the predatory fish are so hard to find the source of these oscillations, and then attack him. It would seem, by itself, the spinner, creates his game and a simulation that does not any fish, but the fact remains. Rotating blesna copes with its main task. It can cause aggression in chimney fish and provoke it to attack.

Design all fans about the same. But still there are differences. Mostly spinners differ from each other in color, weight, size and the shape of the petals. For each predator needs to choose their individual spoon. The benefit of a huge number of varieties of turntables, it allows you to do.


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