Spinner for pike

Pike is a good catch for each fisherman, but to get it you need to choose the spinner that will match your fishing conditions and will become an assistant on a fishing trip. Certainly, many fishermen have heard that the best lure for pike is the spinner oscillating type, but this is a mistake in some way. For example, in shallow water even the best «kolebalki» will not be able to help you with the catch, although if you have a little skill, you can start a duel with fish, using a fast retrieve, of course, risking unsuccessfully to cling to vegetation under water or Bush branches. But in this case the catch is not guaranteed as it may be that the fish just will not have time to react to your jig and everything will be in vain. But the use of a rotating spinner will be better and can also help to return with pike spinner «spinner».

But keep in mind that pike sees not only eyes , but rather a lateral line that senses all the movements and fluctuations of water level. So, the spinner for pike type «turntable» must be done efficiently even with minimum wiring pike could feel these vibrations, as a vision, she turns on only when it will rush to the goal. Thus, the spinner of this type should choose or in a good shop from a reputable manufacturer, because of its play on the fish and «sticking» of the petal is simply unacceptable.

When fishing in stagnant water lake perfect lure for pike company Mepps «Lusox», which is due to the front of the shipment will ensure a good catch of pike. The main advantages of such a spinner is its ability even with the pause to work and perform the desired movement, creating a game and attracting the fish. In addition, you can perform the step transaction that will increase your chances to catch a pike. Also, this spinner will be useful when fishing for pike in deep and shallow water, which in a sense makes it versatile, allowing you to buy a set of spinners for pike, limited to one such excellent catchability spoon.

Spinner for pike should have good vibrational game, as the sight of the pike, of course, used , but when I felt the purpose of using the sideline, and only then she notices what looks like a lure. Buy catchability lure for pike in the fishing store, where the salesperson you will have to determine what you need and also learn a few recommendations how to choose them. With an Internet store is slightly more complicated than that, as counsel will not be with someone , and have to choose only descriptions , and all the contentious issues to decide for himself. Many fishermen are advised to not buy a spoon , and preferably a set of, as different lighting and water depth can play a significant role in the magnitude and even the presence of the catch, and it’s not just about how masterfully executed the transaction and other operations, but also about how it will behave myself the spinner.


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