Species its habits and habitat,what you need to know hunter

Musk deer or musk deer in appearance very similar to an ordinary deer, only instead of horns in this animal there are small sharp fangs which are located in males near the upper lip. Habitat is the far East, Eastern Siberia and Sakhalin. Musk deer prefer to feed themselves on the steep slopes of mountains covered with dense coniferous forest. Meet the musk deer, few people can, because of the sensitivity and caution of a wild animal. The animal feels the approach of wild beast or of a man for a few hundred meters and sneaking out into the woods.

Musk deer have a dark brown coat, this helps the animal to stay undetected in a taiga area. Hind legs above the front a few inches. This body structure allows you to jump several meters in length. To catch up with the fleeing musk deer is almost impossible. The fangs serve as protection from rivals during the mating period. At this time, the musk deer actively compete and compete in force. From December to February, begins the mating period, males become very aggressive and fights reach of death defeated. First the males show their sharp fangs to the enemy, if they are not scared, and he didn’t retreat, and then begins a wild struggle, during which I try to tumble down each other on the snow and dig into the sternum or neck with powerful fangs.

Musk deer are highly valued for their secret special glands secreting a musky substance. This smell attracts the female at a considerable distance. The musk used in the perfume industry (adds durability odor), it is made tinctures and other pharmaceutical meds that very successfully treat impotence, nerve disease, strengthens heart muscle and helps fight cancer.

Musk deer feed on the leaves of trees and shrubs, pine needles, lichens. Young calves begin to seek food, and only 5-7 months from the moment of birth. The whole time they are with the mother who feeds them and protects from enemies. The female musk deer is born, 2-3 cub.

Now the musk deer is listed in the Red book of the Russian Federation. This contributed to the mass extermination of animals for the sake of musk and musk deer jet. In all the territories of musk deer only a few tens of thousands of individuals. Selling the jet of musk deer is prohibited in some cases it is allowed to import, but it is carried out only under the close supervision of international legal organizations.

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