Spanish Galgo everything you need to know to choose the dogs for hunting

Spanish Galgo everything you need to know to choose the dogs for hunting

Galgo Spanish, or Spanish Greyhound were common in the days of Ancient Rome. Spain have got together with the Moors in the 9th century, and the ancestors of modern Galgo was Arab greyhounds. Now in Spain everywhere these dogs are used for hunting hare and rabbit, sometimes together with a good group of a few individuals, these dogs can serve baiting wild boar or foxes.

The Spanish Greyhound is active, strong and hardy dog, kind to the owner, a very dedicated and everywhere demonstrates its loyalty to the owner. For many centuries on the farms of Andalusia and Castile have been breeding purebred Spanish greyhounds, which then serve as guard dogs for hunting small animals and game.

Body type, Galgo and proportionate, the dog is quite flexible and strong. In appearance reminiscent of Spanish greyhounds the Greyhound, but smaller. The height of the withers is 67-72 cm, and weight of adult dog kg 26-30 Colors can be brown, hazel, fawn, brindle, solid, black and a combination of these colors with white. The coat covers the body in a thin layer, there are dogs with quite hard hair, but in most cases, the cover body is short and soft. Galgo, they have an elongated head, muscular chest and strong legs. Jaws small, but powerful, strong teeth, and thin lips. Ears are small, thrown back, tightly pressed to the head. The stomach is very much drawn to the edges, which can be clearly seen. Eye color depends on the color of the dog, most often of dark shades. The tail is never docked, long and thin, is never completely straightens.

At home Spanish Greyhound difficult to live in the apartment, she needs space to run. In nature young dogs are affectionate, trusting, but in a more adult, Galgo inclined to independence. With strangers or in an unfamiliar environment for them are aggressive. Active Spanish Greyhound are often written to work on an artificial track or the dog races, where she can fully experience the freedom and quench the thirst of hunting.

Wool Spanish Greyhound requires regular maintenance, clean it with a soft brush and wipe with a damp cloth. If the dog lives on the street, take care of the warm booth, where your pet will not be cold in sub-zero temperatures as wool, Galgo cannot protect from frost.

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