Some types of baits and lures for fish

There is a huge variety of different baits for all species of fish. The most common of them grow on rocks, various underwater objects green algae. On them in the summer heat they’re biting roach.

A very famous vegetable baits are steamed corn, peas, oats, wheat, barley. The cyprinid fish such lures are caught very well. For their preparation the grain is pre-soaked for days in warm water and then again filled with warm water and put in the oven for three hours. Grain, after such treatment become soft and easy to put on the hook.

Bait of millet, it is first well washed, and then pour water and cook very steep mess. Hot rubbing until the disappearance of grains and badly mauled in the pan, making a thick layer. When catching fish, porridge in small pieces is placed on the hook.

Porridge is very well caught IDE, roach, bream, carp, Chub and other fish species from the family of carp. To prepare half a Cup of grains is filled with water and put to soak for a day. Then, swollen semolina is shifted in cheesecloth, tied and cooked for 20 minutes. Porridge made small balls for feeding, up to 15 mm.

For carp or carp are good bait – potatoes. To carp more responsive to the bait, you need to dip the potato slices in sunflower oil or flax seed oil.

For catching of carp anglers often use bread crumb. But the hook keeps badly. Therefore, its correct preparation is of great importance. There are many ways. Here are some of them.

Oiled crumb is mixed with pieces of cotton wool and well minuetsya. This gives the head strength and she’s not straying fish, and not carried away by the currents.

You can prepare a dough of rye or wheat flour Dobrev its oil and honey. Download balls about an inch in diameter, and boil briefly in boiling water. This is a very good head of carp of large size.

All grain nozzle good flavor aromatic substances anise or valerianova solution, vegetable oil.

They contain natural preservatives that don’t harm the fish. And thanks to a special production technology, the taste and smell of these baits is stored in the long term.

For any method of fishing and type of fish has its own bait. The smell that attracts fish from far distances and forces to stay a long time in one place. Lures of this kind are often used during sports fishing.

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