Some of the secrets of hunting for grouse

Some of the secrets of hunting for grouse

Grouse is the representative of the family of grouse, weighing barely 500 grams, and meat valued and is considered a delicacy product. Until about the end of the 20th century, hunting for grouse represented the industrial classes. In our days, the grouse is prey of the sports hunters. Grouse live singly or in pairs, and settles popular in dangerous places or places with cold climate. In the spring these birds are in pairs and hatching in the summer time are engaged in their education, and in autumn to settle families on the feeding, within certain halos and their territories, males are quite jealous of it from the encroachments of other birds. In winter, the birds prefer to create schrady under the snow or hiding in the Bush, bringing all of his activity to the minimum.

The hazel grouse is a resident and winter visitor. Formed a pair of hatching, long engaged in their education and later settle with them within certain territories. The bird eats the berries and buds of trees, and in the summer time and even some kinds of insects.

It should be noted that spring hunting of these birds, which live also in some parts of Europe, but the most common in Russia is prohibited. This is because in the spring the birds are forming pairs, and males and females are equally involved in the upbringing of future generation. These birds are very poorly pronounced external sexual characteristics and how to distinguish in flight males from females, would be difficult for even the most experienced hunter. Therefore, to permitted hunting in the spring, can be attributed only to the desire itself early spring. At a time when the birds haven’t yet, make pairs and nests to build. It is also possible hunting and later, already warm winter, when birds begin with a maximum willingness to respond to the sounds of semolina, because of the imminent start of the breeding period. Hunting for grouse in the spring it is best to cook more in the winter. In spring the grouse is often served voice and so any hunter who plans to obtain this trophy, it is better to know in advance exactly how it sounds. In the spring grouse becomes more trusting, less fearful and cautious. This gives you the opportunity to hunt not only with a decoy, but even with a dog.

The best time hunting for this bird is considered to be autumn. It is best to lure this bird with the use of such a device as a decoy. This device is to imitate the voice of birds. Selects it with great eagerness. Grouse has a great ear and any hint of deception, the bird will quickly disappear. Best time for autumn hunting on grouse – end of August – beginning of September. Early in the morning, a hunter who deliberately calculated the habitat of this bird, moving very quietly and carefully, comes to the forest. Grouse, responding to the sound of semolina, is very fast, moving from branch to branch, closer to the hunter. It is best to keep at a sufficient distance for the shot and hit the target. At the slightest noise, to identify the bird man and fly away.

Autumn hunting with the approach is an interesting exercise. It consists in the fact that a hunter scares the bird determines where she sat and followed her. By themselves, the grouse are quite lazy and if they’re not scared, you can keep the hunter at a distance of 10-15 meters. When you can easily make the shot with the bird sitting on the tree.

Winter hunting for grouse can be no less interesting and productive than hunting in any other season. For this purpose it is necessary to consider some features of the behavior of the birds in the winter time. During the first winter of cold weather and frost, grouse change their residence and tend to settle near streams, on which was carved aspen or birch. Birds salatica alone, sometimes in pairs and rarely in groups. Traces of grouse is very easy to identify on the first winter snow or with the ruffled soil and raised the letter. In winter, grouse feed on the fruits of deciduous trees and after feeding, the bird just falls out of a tree, punching a large enough snow, buries it, doing the tunnel and at some distance from the crash site hides in his snow house. The hunter must seek first the grouse. Usually the bird flies up to the branches directly from your shelter or making no more than ten steps, climbs trees.

Hunting grouse with a dog difficult. This bird just does not stand a dog barking and so with a vicious or destructive dog on a hunt it is better not to go. For the success of the hunt, the dog must keep it quiet and just sit quietly near the tree where they found the bird, and to provide a focus for the owner.

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