So whether you need steel shot Russian hunters?

American biologists have long been calling about the negative impact of lead shot on the health of waterfowl. During kormeshka lead supposedly enters the stomach game, which often leads to fatal poisonings. Most countries have banned the use of such shells and ordered the hunters to switch to environmentally-friendly steel shot. This news has not left indifferent and the Russian hunters. Began active study of the factors poisoning of waterfowl was carried out the analysis of the properties of different types of fractions and their impact on the environment.

As it turned out, Russia is not ready to completely switch to steel shot. This is due to the fact that most hunter use the old guns, which are adapted for cartridges with lead. In an attempt to switch to another type of shot, have only been breaking numerous weapons. Moreover, significantly increased the number of wounded, which led to the decline of the culture of hunting as such. Scientists have proved that due to wounded birds may increase the number of predators it has become much easier to find food. This threatens to not only decrease populations of ducks, but also the death of a large number of upland game, songbirds, rabbits and other small animals.

Hunters from across the country began to protest against the ban on lead. Their main argument was made by the fact that in the Russian land, the duck just can’t eat enough to poison the amount of lead. Often the game will not feed there, where she was constantly hunted. Another thing, if liberally fed, but this game specially bred to hunt and release «under the gun». Besides, after the shot pellets quickly sink to the bottom of the reservoir, and duck usually does not dive at this depth. Thus, arguments in favor of switching to the steel is negligible.

In search of a compromise, hunters experienced a way not only to reduce lead exposure, but not to get steel. The fact is that there is a special galvanic coating that prevents contact of the active fraction with chemically harmful environment. At the moment it is possible to cover fractions of non-ferrous metals. It is Nickel, zinc, copper and tin. However, these coatings do not stand, and the price of such fraction increases significantly.

Subsequently was proposed a new method of coating pellets with a protective film. In theory it should be carried out in two stages. First apply a thin layer of tin, which is covered with a water-repellent substance. The product was then experiencing to seal the protective film. This fraction is stable to heat, oxidation and corrosion. Its elements do not dissolve in water and alcohols.

The fraction with the special coating is not only environmentally friendly, but also good enough to use. Experience has shown that it is able to surpass even all the beloved lead. Protective film does not affect the weight of the pellets, but also ensures the smoothness of the surface and thus increases the exit speed from the barrel. Scientists have proved that the new fraction will have time to fully immerse yourself in the mud long before starts the corrosion process. Thus, it becomes absolutely safe for animals.

More and more hunters agree that the replacement of lead shot for steel is not so much the environmental problem as wanting to get rich. New cartridges mean new expensive guns. And such a luxury can not afford not all hunting enthusiasts. As for Russian inventions, it will increase the value of the fraction up to 15%.

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