So effective spinning reel for fishing predator

All fishermen are well aware that predatory fish can be caught not only on traditional spinning. There are other, less efficient, methods of production of predatory fish. And in difficult situations such as overgrown pond, and it does, these methods will be most effective. A sufficient number of fishermen fish for fish using in the form of cuttings – small fish, roach, minnows and bleak.

However, there are a lot of problems quite often arising before these fishermen. It is not easy to catch the cuttings in sufficient quantity. And keep them alive – the second difficulty.

There is another significant difference in the catching of a predator on the cuttings and traditional fishing lures. In the case of a spinning reel is primarily active fishing. A search for predator, and this constant movement on the river Bank. The case alive, is more stationary fishing, which is designed for active movement, and finding Parking a predator, but rather waiting for the predator to find himself the bait. And this happens with regular frequency, as many predators for a long time in search of food.

Of course, each of the presented methods is spinning and cuttings, there are both pluses and minuses.

The spinning rod allows the angler to sh in different sections of rivers. Have the opportunity to study the pond in the distance from the shore and making transactions across. Add to this the possibility to fish in different water layers, and spinning acquires the status of a universal fishing tool in the pursuit of a predator.

Live bait fishing deprives anglers of the opportunity to «travel» and the study of the reservoir with such activity, as in spinning fishing. However, you cannot deny the fact that in most cases, the predator will prefer a live bait than its artificial counterpart. It is an advantage of cuttings from the spinners.

At a time when fishing occurs spinning, you may encounter various situations that adversely affect the effectiveness of fishing.

Just imagine what a predator on the hunt, and became interspersed along the river in different directions and often change depth. Artificial bait does not move as effectively, and often gets into the wrong strata and the wrong place where the predator hunts. Just the fact that the active predator is not static, but constantly moving. Therefore there is a high probability that the path of bait and fish just did not cross. It is likely that the angler a greater chance of success if a large number of predator goes hunting in one place on the river. However, ask yourself the question: «most anglers come to the right place, at the right time?» This is a rhetorical question has no practical background, and therefore unsuitable for the characteristics of stable fishing spinning reel in this situation. There is a saying «the fishermen engaged in fishing in their spare time, which does not always coincide with the active time of the fish».

Often to fish, not when she craves the lure and at a time when she ate live fish, and resting in the shade of the grass. Indeed, many predators do not end up satisfied, and will rush to the passing lure angler. Other predators will continue around the pond in search of «passive» victim.

But do not forget that well-fed predator needs to be seduced by the bait. So it should move with a certain speed, and the water column. It turns out that the spinning work up a sweat.

Yes, there are decoys, which, being on the bottom, play through currents. But many anglers actively used like bait? After all, this is a big minus for performance. Besides, bottom fishing, aimed at the bottom of the predator, and at the bottom fish are in ambush, and not often walking. The result is that the inactive spinning fishing is the weak performance. And active is not an easy job that often does not pay off the catch.

Often, when fishing for predator, many anglers use a transaction, so-called «step». But in most cases, a part of this transaction is idle. And in situations when the predator in the coastal zone, the length of the blank posting increases. As a consequence, to waste time. But if the accent goes to the sideline, in the case when the fishing is from the shore, the combat zone is very fleeting. Lure flying her, unable to tempt the predator.

To remain in the win, many anglers focus on the number of accusations, and trying to convince yourself that thus, the edge prodavlivaet completely. It may be suitable for theory. But experience shows that semi-well-fed fish are not lured to the bait, quickly escapes from his sight.

Suppose that a predator is lying in wait or slowly moving along the edge. Baubles in this case, may depart from behind the predator. He, probably feels the touchline, but not ready to attack. Perhaps the predator and chase bait, but it will not be a pattern, and therefore, to bet not necessary.

Even if you throw bait lure upstream, and continue to hold it so that she was walking along the edge, the chances do not grow enough to consider this method is optimal. It is not always possible to make such accusations. And at least you need to know the bottom topography.

Fishing with live bait is the art of catching any predator. In addition, regardless of its fullness, and the Parking lot. To reject the spinning, of course, not necessary, just need it to convert to a tool that in certain conditions will be more advantageous and bring the fishermen a good catch.

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