Smoked fish

Known methods of increasing shelf life of fish. One of them is Smoking. The preserving action of the smoke is so great that malicious microflora is not restored for a long time. Smoke – a great natural antiseptic, increases the storage time of the fish and gives it a unique taste and aroma.

Equipment smokehouses vary in appearance, but they are based on one principle. — smoldering wood chips or sawdust in the hearth promotes the formation of smoke, which moves in a chamber with suspended fish, and exits through the hole or pipe.

Camera for Smoking made of a simple box or barrel but in the field of the weave of the cane.

The procedure is smoked is as follows: fish must be cleaned, wash with salt, rinse and dry and then prokopich and cooling. Smoking is performed at temperatures from 80 to 140 degrees for about 4 hours. We must not forget that the smoked fish is very perishable product, the shelf life of which does not exceed a few days, so keeping it in the fridge.

When cold Smoking, the fish is first salted, soaked, dried, disassembled, and then subjected to Smoking. In the process of soaking of carcases need to remove the excess salt. Meat is softened, which facilitates further work. Further processed fish slightly dry with warm air and smoke a smoke for 3 days at a temperature of from 30 to 40 degrees.

For smoked fish you only need 3 things: smokehouse, wood with spices and fish. Currently, there are many designs smokehouses. You can buy them in the store or make your own from a box, tank, iron drums, or be a stationary brick. The main condition – the inside of the smoke house should always be maintained a certain temperature, which it is advisable to place the thermometer.

One of the most important components in the process of Smoking fish is properly fitted firewood. They should give a lot of smoke and little heat. Perfect pear, Apple, mountain ash, poplar, aspen, alder – they are all in the Smoking process gives the fish a special taste and aroma. But the birch and coniferous species are best avoided as the first gives too much heat, and emit the second resin.

You can also use various additives such as flavorings and spices: with branches of juniper, barberry, BlackBerry, black currant or raspberry. For coal you can put sage, wormwood or nettle which will give not only an exquisite flavor and Golden color of your fish. In short, at this stage you can experiment, making your own recipes out of berries, herbs and other supplements.

Before Smoking the fish , you need to prepare – wash, gut and remove the gills. The head and scales better to leave. After this, the salted fish one of the known methods (dry or wet).

The dry method is a rubbing of salt in the carcass of fish. This method is perfect if the process of Smoking will be conducted in 1-2 days. Salted fish before placing in the smokehouse wipe dry with cotton or cloth.

In the wet method the fish are placed in a saturated 30% solution of salt and aged for 2 to 4 hours. In the brine, you can add a variety of spices, previously scalded with boiling water. Fish prior to Smoking you need to rinse and wipe dry.

On the coal formed during the combustion of wood, should put the shavings, sawdust or branches will produce smoke. However, you must ensure that they are not ignited, or the fish will burn. At the beginning of Smoking can go a thick smoke, which indicates excessive moisture evaporation. Over time it will become less abundant. Yellow smoke always indicates overcooking fish. When smoked it is advisable to limit the access of oxygen to prevent ignition of sawdust and twigs. However, a small access is still needed to accelerate the Smoking and evaporation of excessive moisture.

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