Smoked fish directly on the fire

Many men like to sit with a fishing rod. Although in fairness it should be noted this hobby and some women are not alien. Any fisherman especially if you went to fish overnight… Loves and appreciates food with fire. Suffice it to recall the classic and most simple meals. Let’s say fish, coated in clay, baked on coals. Clear oven how much cooler… And a lot more options allows. It is possible and actually quite elegant and luxuriously bake fish, but fans of the food from the fire… Here’s a simple clay so baked on the coals, when seasoning the fresh air and the smell of fire… Seems a much nicer and tastier. You not much bother to cut a few branches. Using them as skewers and bake the fish over the coals. Although I would not recommend directly like barbecue baked. I think it is wiser tilted at a fire, then smoke more and in General… But to each his own. Shorter appreciates any fisherman when fishing with an overnight stay, a simple and delicious dish on the fire of fresh fish. So now I’ll tell you my recipe. It is only necessary to say in advance. If you cook on this smoker would be better. Again, my method is not to compete with smokehouse factory or skilled craftsmen-homemade». Just very simple and very tasty, «rough» men’s food with this campfire.

The first thing, of course, to catch the fish. It does not matter which way. Then clean and gut it. To taste salt and pepper. And you can use seasonings. If the season and there is a thyme I recommend to use it. Kindle fire and waiting to burn through and there is a sufficient amount of coal. While the fire burns the collected leaves or grass. I can recommend nettles. Clear needles will not work because it hurts «resinous». Why I recommend nettle? It is usually quite a lot in the area and to pick no problem.

When formed the coals, put a fire of nettles on them and put the cleaned, salted and peppered fish. On top of the fish put the second layer of the nettle. Why is the need? As soon as the herbs will fall on coal will tumble a huge number of smoke. Seems to smoke the fish. However, the second layer of the nettle, let smoked fish. It is recommended to get water in a plastic bottle. As soon as there are pockets of ignition extinguish them. In advance, the fire will arise. Thus we keep the fish for 10-15 minutes. Then remove the first layer of nettles. To make it easier to remove you can put a branch. The fish also put on fresh nettle. You can check on availability. Sometimes it is enough 15 minutes. If not the case… again, put a fresh coat of nettles for coal. Put the fish branch and a new layer of nettles on top. Smoked another 10-15 minutes. Although pure Smoking is not called. Will go and heat treatment of the caught fish. Of course it makes more sense to do a big fire and plenty of coal. It is reasonable to conclude Smoking only 1-2 fish (if they are certainly not very large), and with the stock. It is desirable for all participants fishing with an overnight stay.

I personally smoked fish such a pleasure. Time way more than the smoker. How to explain why… let’s Say the house pan-fried meat can be very different and quite pleasant ways to cook. Skewers can be harsh or overdone where, on the contrary, not roasted and blood, but he skewers… Again, who is allergic to meats. Someone just might not like. On taste and color… in Short, to understand your or your dish, it is necessary to prepare and try.

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