Size boxes according to the physique of the hunter

So today we decided to talk about the size of a bed. If the bed will be very long for a hunter, then this option will prevent a quick drop of the arms to the shoulder, but if the bed will be elected Vice-versa is less than the required properties, then the shooter when the shots will experience a very strong impact, and it happens due to the fact that the trunk will not be able to fit snugly to the shoulder. Today we decided to take apart the no less important question – how to determine the right size bed for their physical parameters? If the information we provide, you will be attentive, then your question will be quickly and most importantly correctly solved.

The total length of the Lodge must determine the size of a particular type, rather you should start the measurements from the front of the trigger (it even among hunters called the trigger) and to measure to several points on the butt plate, it is recommended to choose three points, or rather it is the top, bottom and midpoint, respectively. Perhaps, the most common length of the box from the trigger to the final five example three hundred and sixty millimeters, but the difference can be only in a big way half a centimeter. The selected box is able to give the ability to make shots the hunter, almost without tilting the head, and therefore the pictures will come out more accurate.

Each professional hunter in your Arsenal should be at least two guns with different settings of the Lodge, or two boxes for one gun. If there is two weapons, then of options when choosing a location will be much more, but basically it all depends on your preferences, you may need to hunt only in certain areas and at certain times of the year.

For summer hunting, when the garment is worn easy, you need to install on shotgun recoil pad is thick, for example, can cause the back plate, equipped with one shock absorber. For winter hunting, it is recommended to choose a thin recoil pad and shorter stock. The definition of all parameters of the Lodge you should choose according to your body type, remember to pay attention when selecting this item. Today, there are only a few ways of selecting lodges. If you go to a large specialty store, then a box will help you find specialists from the sales Department, and accordingly your job in that case is substantially simplified.

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