Site selection for winter fishing

For a successful choice of a place of winter fishing the angler must first decide what type of fish he wants to catch. From the habits of a particular fish depends on the location of the site of winter fishing. For example, walleye prefer to hide among rocks and driftwood, and a pike loves a place with good grass.

Strong ice allows you to fish at any point of the reservoir, this is the advantage of fishing in the winter. Experienced fishermen often returned to rivers, where they already had a successful fishing trip.

To select the location of winter fishing it is necessary given the speed of the flow in the reservoir and the location of plots, overgrown with reeds and grass. For successful winter fishing need to know where under the ice are boulders and rapids.

Usually in different parts of the reservoir may be aquatic vegetation or reed, or reeds, or horsetail. Each fish has a different relationship to water plants. For example, the sound of the cane frightens the fish, and it can go to another, more safe place for her, and reedbeds can live pike, roach, perch. And some predatory fish can use reed beds as a place to ambush, to wait for his victims here.

Thickets of horsetail have caused fish a lot of interest. Especially in winter these bushes can hide a lot of snappers and other fish, which will be useful for winter fishing. Horsetail plants have the ability to accumulate air in their stems and enrich the water space around them with oxygen that attracts fish in khvoschova thickets.

Drifting on the ice in search of a good place for winter fishing, remember that the ice in areas with dense vegetation may not be very durable. Every step on such fragile ice must be done very carefully, after checking the ice on the strength of a successfully.

On small plots, which are small compared to the areas main depth of the reservoir can always dwell in flocks perch, roach and skimmers. In such areas fishing in winter can be successful and within the small «Piglet», and in close proximity to a place.

Choose a place for winter fishing needs down to the smallest detail. So, for example, accidentally snagged on a hook water grass elodeya, shows that this area may be only small brushes and perch. At this point the reservoir is not necessary to waste time waiting for a good catch and it is better to take up the search of another site.

Good places for winter fishing can be sections with the bottom covered with pebbles. Such places are dwelling at the bottom among the stones of different bugs and larvae, which serve as a natural bait for many species of fish.

On an unfamiliar body of water you can choose the place for winter fishing using various methods, but always it is necessary to consider the depth and size of the reservoir, the scheduled duration of fishing in the winter, and the presence or absence of additional gear.

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