Sit for an hour over the hole?

«Went fishing. Let’s go», says a friend all last weekend. I stopped frosty weather. «Oh, you don’t understand the charm of winter fishing,» laughed a friend. Yeah, to be honest — I don’t know. Therefore and asked. What is so special about long hours sitting over a hole? It turns out that the nuances enough.

Safety first

Friend was a bit cunning: ice fishing last weekend he would not go. The reason is simple — the ice is not thick enough. According to the rules, start fishing in the hole or the hole is possible only when ice thickness is 8 inches or more. No need to join other anglers leave at least a square meter of space around them. Experienced fishermen recommend to go ice fishing companies and to always carry a rescue rope. Useful and the Icepick: if the ice breaks in two hits, it’s better for him not to go. It is recommended to go on the ice with a life jacket and carry a «rescue service» — the plastic arm, which with a few inches sticking pointy metal spikes. They should always hang around your neck. If you fail, they will help you get on solid ice. Stand on the edge of the ice, you need to crawl at least 10 metres from the hole. When moving through unknown ice fishing ice screws, it is recommended to carry on your shoulder. If you suddenly fall through, he may lie on the edge of the hole and help you get out of it. Contrary to popular myth, ice fishing is not recommended to drink alcohol. Even in small quantities. Alcohol does not warm, but on the contrary, dilates blood vessels, which leads to a false feeling of warmth and subsequent cooling.

Equipment — at minus fifty

A minimum set of «winter» fishing 2-3 rods, drill, scoop, bucket catch, warm clothes and shoes. It is the ascetic version. However, even beginners try to buy the maximum inventory. For winter fishing the range is traditionally increased. The first thing the eye falls on the winter fishing. Dazzled and when you look at the display hooks: «features», «jig», «the rocker» — any set of taste of the buyer. Here for sale bait – crucian carp, which can safely go for pike. Picks need to be selected carefully. First, they vary in diameter from 100 to 150 millimeters. If you are going to fish the larger sizes, it can only be the last option, otherwise your loot is not in danger to fall into the hole. Secondly, the price issue. But imported the Swedish «Mora 1se» can cost three times as much. Newcomer of the difference in the action of the ice screws will not notice, but an experienced winter angler will appreciate the variety. Another important purchase clothing. Boots Polish manufacturer Lemigo» should become a worthy alternative to boots. «Lemigo» are designed for two temperature mode: «Grenlander» the temperature of minus thirty, a «Arctic» withstands to minus fifty. In boots waterproofed, so that the leg isn’t wet (and therefore will not freeze) in any weather. Is available and whole suits, and some warm jackets at affordable prices. Winter hats and gloves also are well represented. On the counter can be detected by special thermal underwear and vests. Some fishermen prefer not to fish in the open air, and the pre-set over the hole or away from it tent. And they’re in stores too. Buyers are attracted to the simplicity of the build: putting up a tent-umbrella, you can for a minute or two. Among the useful accessories you can highlight a special winter box where you can put numerous tool, plastic and metal feeders with the help of which you can sprinkle the bait on the ice, and cases of «marmitek». Well, not to carry it all on his back, you can buy a special sled.

All fish to catch!

So, suppose you have already waited severe cold, suited up in full and ready to drill holes in the center of a lake or river. But to catch as much as you want, too — there are certain rules. According to the latest data from the «Rules of fisheries», one Amateur fisherman can get out of the water not more than 5 kg of fish per day. Prohibited simultaneous use of one or more types of fishing gears with the total number of hooks not more than 5. Fishing tools, left without supervision, are recognized as ownerless (poaching) and subject to removal by fishing control authorities. It is also unacceptable to use imitation fish (circles, rates, kolobochki) without reference to the name, initials and address of the owner. «Fines» for live bait you can catch no more than 30 pieces per day.

Someone to go?

Here the choice is wide enough. Of course, some species of fish in the winter is not too active and are rare, but pike, bream, roach and perch in the Brest waters you can fish at any time. The success of your fishing RAID depends on experience and luck. Beginners are strongly recommended to just search the Internet on various forums you can find many tips on catching some fish. And don’t be afraid to experiment — fish «appreciate» a bold decision and will get caught on the hook.

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