Simple rules for the selection of GPS Navigator for hunting

GPS Navigator helps you determine your location anywhere in the world. This considerably simplifies the task of a hunter or fisherman, because you can go in advance on these routes, select the desired speed to the designated location. In difficult situations, this device will help to find a way in the literal and figurative sense.

Navigator takes the signal that sends the satellite. At this point in space launched more than 30 satellites for high-quality GPS connection. People can accurately know the coordinates for your stay in open areas. The difference between indicators in some cases can be 3-15 meters, depending on the definition of the transmitted satellite signals.

For the use of the Navigator is not withdrawn, the monthly fee, the purchased device is used when you want unlimited and free. Navigator only receives signals, but does not emit anything that is safe for health. Such devices are inexpensive and it is available to every working person.

The first navigators were created for the us military and was intended to conduct hostilities. Satellites accurately determine the location of the facility and helped put him in the rocket attacks.

Home appliance, at first, did not recognize the signal often got lost and showed the data with an accuracy of 250 meters. Over time, technological progress such inaccuracy was eliminated and now the error is about 4 meters. When you purchase the device, note the number of satellite signals, which can simultaneously receive GPS, it will help to obtain more accurate information.

There are several types of navigation when one just shows your location on the map, while others still navigate the route to the place of hunting or fishing. Modern navigators may indicate dirt roads or designated for travel by car, proximity of human settlements. Before operating the device, you must check the card details area.

The casing of your device needs to be durable, shockproof and waterproof. Such a sealed device is not afraid of immersion in water or of falling on a hard surface.

An important criterion is its long-term work in offline mode without recharging. You should also consider the size of the screen and there is a color map, many of the cheap devices have only grey color.

Release navigation with map and without it. The first devices give the possibility to navigate and move in the selected direction taking into account the calculated speed. A more accurate device for orientation in unfamiliar terrain yet. You can easily exit if you get lost in the woods or to find a location, in case you need assistance.

When buying a Navigator, it is better to buy extra accessories:

cover protects the screen from scratches;

-fastening to the bike or car;

cable to connect to a laptop or tablet;

-external antenna for more accurate measures;

-charging from car cigarette lighter;

card slot for loading additional maps.

Modern navigation also can serve as barometers or determinants of height, show the temperature of the environment. It is better to take the device with a powerful processor – it will provide you with the reliability and speed of operation of the device. Choose the Navigator, where you can work with one hand. It is useful in the case of a motor yacht.

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