Simple bait house

Bait is essential to fishing. Every fisherman should be able not only to use but also to cook. The more that you cook it very easily, but it takes a lot of time.

Of course, the corporate feed mixture significantly better home, but if you try, you can prepare the bait is not worse than the store. But it’s only by skilled fishermen who have learned to choose the right components for each fish species separately.

Bait prepared at home has some advantages:

— First of all she is good for its availability, since it takes money in significantly less than store-bought mixes. This is very important because during the hunt for large fish need kilos of bait. Also, to save, you can mix homemade bait shop, this composition shows very good results;

— Fishing competitions, of course, a better brand mix. But for ordinary fishing more suitable home. During normal fishing advantages brand mix is almost imperceptible.

The Foundation of any homemade bait is a cracker. The fishermen acquire the breadcrumbs and mix based bait. If you soak these crackers, they will become sticky and will be a great binder.

Also, the bait is added wheat bran. Once in the water, bran destroy the ball with a bait, attracting fish.

The simplest bait is made from crackers and bran must be mixed in a ratio of 3:1.

Also, depending on the type of fish, add additional components.

Additional components for bait


you can find it among the animal feeds. Like bran, is used as baking powder.


Fish are very hard to resist the fruity scents. In addition to a pleasant smell cookies has astringent. Used together with the cake.


It is sold in specialized stores, in raw form. Fisherman need to prepare their own grain. They need to be heated and it is important that the grains do not burn. After roasting the beans must be ground. Most of all I love hemp in the composition of the bait fish of the carp family.

Millet porridge

The nutritional value of the above components is extremely small, so the bait needs to do more satisfying. Wheat porridge is very fond of small fish.


While catching fish of the carp family, the bait should be even more hearty. To help the angler comes canned corn. Its grain is able to attract and retain for a long time in one place a large carp.

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