Simonov self-loading carbine OP-SKS its characteristics, advantages and disadvantages

Simonov self-loading carbine OP-SKS created on the basis of the combat carbine Simonov, who was in service with the Soviet Army in the 50-ies of the 20th century. Combat version of the rifle is still used parts of the home guard.

Civilian model carbine OP-SKS took over from a military ancestor all the best qualities and characteristics. Reloading of the rifle is due to the redistribution of the powder gases by moving the gas piston to move a spring-loaded bolt carrier. Unlike the military model, the carbine OP-SKS can fire only single shots. Shop the rifle is not removable, to quickly recharge the need to replace the clips. You can also clean the charging unit arms ammunition. Most of the elements of the rifle made on machine tools, which, combined with the lack of screws makes the OP-SKS high-quality and reliable product. Store the rifle can be loaded with ten cartridges.

Self-loading carbine OP-SKS is designed for hunting an animal of medium size and some ungulates. Mostly hunters use guns for hunting wolf or a Fox. Some try to hunt with a rifle for large animals and ungulates, however, the standard of the cartridge does not have the required stopping performance. Only an accurate shot on vital organs may stop such «production». The use of special expansive bullets provide hunters to come to even a large animal in the woods.

On the market, as post-Soviet and Western (love this weapon in the US) a sufficient number of rifles Simonov, as reworked combat units (and remove the bayonet fixing, an additional pin inside the barrel and short rib), and hunting models of OP-SKS.

Simonov self-loading carbine OP-SKS is designed to fire cartridges of 7.62*39. The length of the barrel of the weapon is 520 mm, with a total length of OP-SKS 1260 mm Weight of rifle without optics and ammunition equal to 3.75 kg

Hunters of the post-Soviet space was divided into supporters and opponents of this weapon, or rather the use of OP-SKS and similar rifles as hunting rifles. Fans noted the high reliability of the rifle, which is able to withstand incredible conditions and keep working. Known cases of the use of carbines that do not clean more than a year. The carbine is light and has small dimensions. Accuracy is just gorgeous. Opponents argue about the impossibility of hunting carbine for large game and ungulates.

This is due to the improper selection of ammunition and the lack of practice many shooters who have the OP-SKS. As mentioned above, balls for large animals and ungulates should be expansive, and shooting should be conducted on vital organs of animals. Only in this case, the weapon will be effective. The majority of hunters using standard ammunition, only cause the beast senseless wounds, accusing the carbine. The solution is to increase the skills of hunters, at the expense of marksmanship, and the use of heavy expansive bullets.

Note that even under these circumstances, the carbine is effective at a distance not exceeding 250 meters. The use of standard ammunition allows you to work with the middle game at a distance of 400 meters.

Based on all of the above, it should be concluded that self-loading carbine Simonov OP-SKS is a perfect weapon that will continue to delight for their quality, reliability and efficiency their owners.

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