Side rod for catching carp in the fall

Its handle is machined from a solid piece of foam or made from synthetic materials and covered with cork. On a small lightweight reel built into the handle, the stock of 25-30 m fishing line with a diameter of 0.08-0.12 mm When playing carp reel is not involved, i.e. all operations are performed as when winter fishing. The whip length is 15-20 cm in the fall As a carp takes it very carefully, there are high demands to the nod. Best of all, if it is from the astrolon or Dacron. Such nods are extremely sensitive, strong, hardy.

Nods made from coiled metal springs, for catching carp are not suitable because they are rude and do not allow for the transfer of the jig necessary nature of the game. But you can use them for catching smelt, which takes the nozzle very vigorously. Also they are suitable for perch, especially on the course. But back to Mylar the nod. How it ohrozit to give the jig head attracts the fish game?

In my opinion it is better to apply the following type of shipping. Nod vehicle deviates from the horizontal axis by about 30°, which allows you to accurately track the biting of a crucian as «rise» and «flood».

In the first embodiment, bite nod instantly rectified, and the second is bent. But the question of the nature of shipping is not unambiguous, because there are other types of shipping nod. In these embodiments, the nod is an angle of approximately 45-50°, or 90°.

In stores rare nods of Dacron, so it’s easier to make them yourself. This Mylar plate cut into thin strips of rectangular shape. So nod had a certain rigidity, the width of the plate must be 2-3 mm. the Holes for the fishing line worked out fine needle. One should be at the end of the nod and another almost in the middle. The tip of the nod must be painted in red or black. Now you need to make a mount for a whip. It I made of dense rubber, which should be 3 holes: 2 large — for mounting on the tip of the whip and Cambria and the third (smallest) is pierced by the needle and is designed for the Mylar plate.

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