Shotguns Verney-Carron overview of products

«Verney-Carron», the oldest French company producing high-quality hunting weapons. The company is located in Saint-étienne, gun the French capital, the Boulevard Thiers (Thiers Boulevard), 54. Since 1995 the company is headed by Jean Verney-Carron, who had succeeded his father.

Currently, the name of the plant make a few weapon models. In the first place is the most popular model of the enterprise bokflint «Sitter». For reference, bokflint option double-barreled shotgun with vertical shafts. Through the use of modern materials such as aluminium alloy, the developers of «True-Karon» was able to reduce the rifle weight up to 2.8 pounds. However, the main characteristics of the gun are preserved. On the basis of the box», Sagitter» arms company in Saint-étienne began to produce a fitting which can be equipped with both smoothbore and rifled barrels. Since 1994, a direct competitor to the old model of «Sagittari» becomes a new model rifle «Sagittar-NT». Hunters all over the world appreciated high performance of the model, and the ratio of price and quality will not be forced to pass by even the layman. A new line of weapons produced on an automated line, and allowed us to minimize manual labor in the manufacture of weapons. By automating such things as hand-engraved goods, the company significantly reduced the cost and hence the price of their guns.

Except models «Sagitter» plant in 1988 began to produce heavy sport rifle, bokflint «super9» and a hunting «Grand Becase» with different variants of the drill stem. At the moment the company offers the buyer 8 modifications of this model bokflint.

Along with smooth-bore models «Verney-Carron» since 1987, offered its supporters a state of the art carbine «Impact» with a shop and a longitudinally sliding rotary shutter. Carabiners are available in many different sighting straps, allowing it to fire at moving targets (option dad – RAID) and real estate (variant Affy — blind). Weapons can be made under the various options of ammunition.

Does not terminate «Verney-Carron» to produce and sell classic double-barreled shotguns, such as «Jubilee and Helicoblot». If «Jubilee» a quite simple variant of shotgun with box lock and upper mount in the form of a bolt-cone, «Helicoblot» is the old and expensive model shotgun. When making use of only the manual skills of masters-armourers. Guns of this model made only for individual orders, have a patented locking system for the upper gate.

Shotguns Verney-Carron overview of products

In addition to classic types of hunting rifles, «Verney-Carron» expanded its line of semi-automatic shotguns. Currently online there are two models of semi-automatic devices, it is A. R. C. A. G. O. Both models have almost the same value and are very popular with hunters all over the world, especially France. The difference in models is only in the recharge system is a venting system or the principle of «Browning».

The company actively keeps up with the times. At the moment, «Verney-Carron» the only arms factory in France started the production of pump action shotguns. And although these rifles are not in demand in Europe, but actively bought by American consumers.

Over 180 years of history through the efforts of the family-or Rather of Koronov and labor of several generations gunsmith firm turned into a huge armed global enterprise.

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