Shotguns TOZ – 34, its characteristics, advantages and disadvantages

An example of such a weapon equipped with a shock absorber made of rubber, which helps to reduce the speed and force of impact acting on the person who is shooting.

The prevention mechanism

The gun of this model contains a special fuse that when activated will close shock trigger (sear). Such a mechanism exist for capturing chicken, which prevent a shot if the weapon accidentally falls to the ground. It also equipped and pointers, which triggers the erection.


Guns of this model fit the cartridges 12,2; 28; 30 calibers. The chamber of such weapons filled plastic and paper shells, which have the right to a length of 70 mm.

Fit for rifle scope

Strap sight of such weapons is mainly ventilated or solid..

Modification of weapons: TOZ-34

This weapon is made in the piece, the ordinary and the gift. The appearance of such weapons depends on the method of implementation. Here can be used as laser etching and electrochemical. At artistic finishing of weapons use the inlaid mother of pearl jewelry or expensive material. The distinguishing feature of all weapons is the quality of workmanship and finish, the artist.

The Assembly and disassembly of weapons

This gun has specific properties that are inherent to this type of gun. Disassembly of the weapon begins with tapping your finger on the hook descent. And when assembling it is necessary to press the key that is located on top. It needs to take until it stops, then do the joining of trunks. You have to follow these rules, especially when it comes to collecting this type of weapon. Otherwise, your gun can come out of necessary action.

Use in hunting

A gun that has ammo 12 gauge used for hunting, which uses shotgun pellet ammo. In the hunting of large game use sabot bullets. For hunting small fur-bearing animals are perfect gun with smooth barrel small calibre.

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