Shotguns Benelli their main characteristics, advantages and disadvantages

Italian arms manufacturer, which is not the first decade on the market, offers a completely new approach to hunting rifles semi-automatic with the revolutionary technology of steel shot that is a leader in their group hunting weapons. Benelli Armi S. P. A. has reached the maximum precision, sophistication and, most importantly safety, thanks to the rotary locking bolt.

The inertial system is the highlight of Benelli Super Black Eagle.

The essence of the technology is to use the inertia spring which, when the shot is compressed due to the inertia of the shutter in the reverse movement of the shutter the fly in the barrel and standard grip cartridge from the store and then move it into the chamber. In addition, this technology allows you to use the gun with different ammo without adjusting the spring.

Locking the plug head has a unique swivel trivial system with a pair of projections that contributes to the locking of the barrel and any further use of the cartridge of the twelfth caliber.

With the updated system overcharging increased reload speed, as well as informing about the readiness for the shot.

Feeder cartridges has a rotary lever which can easily be determined with your finger. When fired, the crank arm, and the transfer of the cartridge from the store. The applicant cartridges automatically installs the cartridge in the chamber, the rotary lever returns to its original position during cocking of the trigger associated with the hammer spring. Supply cartridge will be impossible to implement a shot due to the cartridge valve.

Indication red on the levers indicates cocked, in the absence of such lever is lowered into the receiver fully, which is not the cocked position of the trigger.

Thanks to the system of overcharging, using the recoil of the gun disappear the eternal problem with the system on the basis of gas pressure, sensitive to weather conditions and require continuous preventive cleaning systems rolling barrel, the complicated design requires fine-tuning when firing different cartridges, allowing you to work with this gun even in the harshest environments and are not afraid of strong ammunition in the trunk, which can go even on the most sophisticated and dangerous hunt.

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