Shotguns Benelli Raffaello its characteristics, advantages and disadvantages

Shotguns Benelli Raffaello its characteristics, advantages and disadvantages

This gun is a real work of art. It was developed by lengthy studies of the effects of various external factors and designs for accuracy and ease of use of the gun. As a result, it created the perfect weapon, it is most convenient for the hunter, has a high accuracy, contains a minimum number of parts and is very easy to maintain.

New shotguns from Benelli are even simpler and more convenient in its use. But they don’t lose their modern counterparts and can be considered one of the most accurate and safe today.

This semi-automatic rifle that uses the kinetic energy of the recoil to reload. When fired, the bolt moves forward to 4 mm, it compresses an inertia spring, in front. Spring kicks the bolt back, and to the extreme point of its stroke, a release shot out of the sleeve. The recoil spring sends the slide forward, it grabs a new cartridge from the store and Doyle it into the chamber, then the gun is completely ready for the next shot.

The main advantage of this gun – the precise control of the inertial spring. The shutter opens only after the release of the charge from the barrel in any case, even if the gun is used with heavy-duty ammunition. The force of the recoil from the shot, does not affect the use of the gun and it does not require further adjustments before the change of power charges.

The design is made in such a way as to ensure a quick replacement of the cartridge in the chamber for the next shot. Gun safely and securely in its application, completely eliminates the possibility of breakage of the individual elements even after several hundred shots, and reloading is automatic. As a result, significantly increases the firing speed of the gun, and this has a positive effect on the process of hunting, allowing you to spend the extra shots at the animal, in case of a miss the first cartridge.

Guns of this type depend only on the power of bestowal. This allows to exclude the influence of external factors on the process of using this weapon and increase its accuracy, reliability, providing full functionality. Eliminates the influence of climatic conditions and exhaust gases, because it guarantees the reliability of an automatic system reload.

Of course, to support automatic reloading, a shell needs to provide the required level of kinetic energy. He is at least 180 KGM.

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