Shotgun TOZ-34, its characteristics, advantages and disadvantages

Hunting rifle TOZ-34 began to produce at the Tula arms factory in the distant 1964. But it was custom-made, unique items. Serial production of the TOZ-34 plant began in 1969 and continues in our days. A double-barreled shotgun TOZ-34 is the first gun with vertically spaced trunks, released in the Soviet Union. The gun can rightly be considered the first Soviet bokflint.

Double-barreled shotgun TOZ-34 is available in the following versions:

— calibres 12, 16, 20 and 28 mm;

— barrel length 660 and 711 mm;

— the length of the cartridge chamber 70 mm (you can use paper and plastic liners);

Commercially produced hunting rifle TOZ-34 12-th and 28-th caliber, model other calibers are manufactured in single-piece or gift execution.

Weight TOZ-34 does not exceed 3.2 kilograms and it carries a weapon in the class of light guns.

The firing of the barrels of hunting shotguns TOZ-34, a separate trigger mechanisms. Platoon Kurkov is at «breaking» weapons. Removal of spent cartridges TOZ-34, after ejection of the shell casing should be removed by hand. Only modification shotguns TOZ-34e equipped with an automatic ejector mechanism for throwing out the spent cartridge case. As guard have guns are perehvatyvaet Kurkov.

Hunting rifle TOZ-34 is the composite foregrip and removable trunks. The two parts of the forearm are fastened by screws to the trunks. The weapon has a great example that has a pistol grip shape of the neck. For convenience, the example made, the recess under the cheek of the hunter. As standard, all wooden elements of the gun are made of walnut, birch or beech. Metal parts TOZ-34 are subjected to burnishing. Some modifications to the rifle butt additionally install a rubber shock absorber that reduces the recoil during the shot. Like many other weapon TOZ-34 is produced in Tula weapon factory in the unit and the souvenir, carving, engravings, inlays, inlay precious stones, etc.

The weapon gained popularity due to its simplicity, great balance, good prekladatele. The accuracy of a hunting rifle TOZ-34 is so high that many hunters cut part of the trunk, to increase the zone of destruction.

The disadvantages of this weapon include the complexity of disassembly, a failure of the firing spring, poor quality of performance of wooden parts and metal parts. Despite the disadvantages, many hunters shotgun TOZ-34 was the love of her life.

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