Shotgun saiga 410 its characteristics, advantages and disadvantages

«Saiga-410» one of the most famous smoothbore carbines, which let the gunsmiths «Izhevsk machine-building plant». The appearance of a carabiner clearly shows that it was developed on the basis of military Kalashnikov.

Like many things the weapon «Izhmash» carbines «saiga-410» are in great demand in domestic and foreign markets. This success for many hunters remains a mystery, because this type of rifles is of small caliber and allows you to hunt only on small or medium animal. Rare hunter bird will want to carry on the shoulder weapon weighing almost 3.5 pounds. But perhaps the popularity of this model gives it a resemblance to a legendary fighting machine.

Carbine «saiga-410» produced chambered for caliber .410 (10.25 mm) and the greatest demand is exactly as self-defense weapons for the various security structures. It is in this niche of the weapon is especially popular. Despite the weak stopping power of the .410 Magnum cartridges, consumers are attracted by the presence of a box magazine for 2 or 4 rounds, with the possibility of installation of shops with a capacity of 9 rounds.

Carbine «saiga-410» is self-loading, reloading takes place under the influence of the exhaust from the barrel of powder gases.

This model of rifle produced in different versions:

— the classic version of the rifle, with the standard example made of polyamide – «saiga-410»;

— carbine with pistol grip and folding butt – «saiga-410s»;

— hunting rifle with a folding butt and pistol neck type – «saiga-410so»;

a shortened version of the carbine «saiga-410s» cut to 593mm barrel –»saiga-410k» («saiga-410k-01»).

All kinds of examples are produced from nylon, plastic color black or camo of course. If necessary, by special order, IMZ produces guns with wooden butts.

As a Supplement manufacturer produces barreled nozzle «Paradox», is designed to increase the accuracy of fire of the rifle.

As mentioned above «saiga-410s» is a smoothbore carbine. Fire from this weapon can engage only in semi-automatic mode. The safety of the shooter and others provides a non-automatic fuse is located on the right side of the box.

Smooth-bore carbine «saiga-410» is a reliable weapon to use it for self defense and for hunting small and large animals.

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