Shotgun Remington 870, its characteristics, advantages and disadvantages

Main features:

— 12 gauge;

— length will vary depending on the model of the gun and its purpose;

— interchangeable barrel, has a different length 355 mm or 14 inches, and in 457 mm or 18 inches;

— weight around 3-3,5 kg;

— type of ammunition — underbarrel tubular, maybe 7 or 8 rounds 3-4 of the cartridge are designed for hunting.

It is an American shotgun «Remington 870» was first released in 1950, the same organization Remington Arms. accordingly, in the United States of America. Remington 870 «Wingmaster» from the moment of its appearance was considered the most popular and common rifle, designed for hunting and private use in America, and even now has very high demand not only in domestic market but international market as the best pump action type of shotgun. From the beginning Americans had planned to release only as a hunting rifle, suitable for various types of hunting. Now the Remington 870 is made in the USA in several types, differing from each other in a variety of calibers.

The Remington 870 is not samorzadny, pump-action shotgun. The locking occurs using the warp gate over the breech, this action helps to exercise the receiver is made of aluminum. The advantage of this solid two weapons have thrust to drive the bolt, which ensures the reliability of this gun, which is very important when choosing this rifle.

In 1970, Remington, was published in the «military» version and immediately fell for service in the armed forces of the United States and even other countries such as Austria, Belgium, the UK and others that is the predominant figure among pump action shotguns. In the military version of the unit owns the store with 7 rounds and mount a conventional bayonet designed for use in the army, which was taken from the famous M 16. A great addition is a handguard to protect personnel from burns and special protection, which covers the metal parts.

The Remington 870 has also become very popular as a weapon for US police, security and as a private use for protection of its territories in America. Remington 870 police in my building has a barrel length of 355 millimeters, or 457. This gun also has a drill called «cylinder» or «improved cylinder» with the help of these devices You will be able to shoot different types of bullets and other special ammunition.

Type Remington 870, designed for police service may be equipped with:

— wooden stock with plain butt;

— plastic stock with plain butt;

— plastic stock with a folding stock;

instead of a rifle can be a pistol grip.

Movable handguard can be replaced with a pistol grip. Very often mounted tactical lights, laser sights, different types of special sighting devices:

— open sight rifle with a front sight;

— dioptric;

— sight with inserts, which can glow for shooting in the dark.

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