Shotgun, pump-action shotgun or semi-automatic their characteristics, advantages and disadvantages

Among the popular types of shotguns in the first place to highlight the double-barreled, pump-action and semi-auto shotgun. Special fans can pick up exotic design.

Shotgun is still considered the most common smooth-bore guns. Primarily because of the benefits. These guns safe. Also, a shotgun is easier to aim. And you can make two shots in a row. These benefits have made this the most popular among hunters who go for big game.

Reliability the smooth-bore double-barreled guns also depends on two completely independent triggers. If one of them is out of order, there is no impact on the second mechanism. The turning mechanism provides a simple cleaning. However, there is a drawback – only two cartridges in working condition.

In pump action shotguns the number of rounds in the store anymore. So better weapons to hunt, because the defective cartridge will not lose the overall combat capability of the gun. For this weapon there are a large number of different removable scopes and other devices.

Its main disadvantage in a low rate of fire. The feed mechanism of the cartridges are also not at the highest level. Shotgun is sensitive to the quality of the cartridges.

Semi-automatic machines provide higher rate of fire compared to other types of barrels. There are a lot of modifications with a single-column magazine that allows you to increase the speed loading of shotguns. But bringing it into action is more difficult in comparison with pump-action shotguns.

Recently appeared the gun double action. They combine modifications, pump action shotguns with semi-automatic. Also provide a normal rate of fire and reliability. Very well suited as a weapon of self-defense (using the traumatic cartridges). True, and they have the disadvantage is the complexity of the mechanism. They require significant care.

When choosing a shotgun, look at the many ways in which you will use it. Each of these is suitable for a specific kind of hunting. For large animals – a shotgun. For game – semi-automatic guns. If you’re a fan of sport shooting – pick up the shotgun. For self-defense most suitable for conventional pump-action shotgun.

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