Shotgun pellet rifles from the «MAGNUM» their characteristics, advantages and disadvantages

At the present time, as among the hunters-professionals, and among fans sufficiently popular shotguns and rifles model series «Magnum». Many hunters are of interest features and advantages of these guns. Of the main features include the following: the length of the chamber in this rifle much more standard weapons (76 – 89 mm). This allows you to use a long cartridge, which has more capacity powder and shot. On the European continent the use of cartridges of this type was the way in which the Convention was adopted prohibiting the use of shot out of the lead. For the reason that began to use a roll made of steel, naturally increased the number of gunpowder in the cartridge, but such innovations have given only positive effects, as power and accuracy attack.

In the Russian Federation plant in the city of Izhevsk also mastered the production rifles have a modification «Magnum».This is a hunting rifle IZH-18-M and the IZH-27M-M under twelve gauge. These guns had lengthened to 76 mm chamber. Earlier Izhevsk craftsmen produced a twelve-gauge shotgun, but their orientation was to the standard chamber, and the presence of elongated bullets , they just were not testing for the pressure of gases. Currently, shops selling weapons in Western Europe get the magnums stocks from the Arsenal, but they all have the label test test test endurance pressure of the powder gases and strength.

In the same style carried out the modification of the eighteenth caliber, which is now called IZH-18M. What about this model gun, due to the use of cartridges of an elongated type, gunsmiths reviewed a number of design elements and strengthened. Thus, manufacturers of the main components has mastered the production examples of the reinforced type, fasteners for the trunk, stem locking mechanisms, etc. That were related to the quality of the Assembly work by fitting boxes and trunks. To ensure the ejection of the cartridge reinforced type has been revised and established mechanism of the ejector.

Model IZH-27M has also undergone changes in structural parts. In particular, it has been redesigned strap locking mechanism, reinforced receiver coupling with the box, refreshed the fixing element trickle. All Izhevsk modified models have strengthened the mechanism of the ejector, as it is often a type of elongated bullets stuck in the barrel. On the guns with one barrel processing undergone safety and trigger devices. Since then, as has been the release of the amplifying devices, some of them have been used on conventional types of models, that allowed to considerably reduce the cost of production and guarantee high reliability and strength of arms.

It should be noted the fact that most of the guns after the improvements both visually and in your weight has not changed. The only exception is a model IZH-27, modernized which the chamber has added a little weight. The advantages of an elongated chamber type is that its presence does not deteriorate the battle for their quality that allows you to fully apply manukovskii cartridges. If you use a standard cartridge in the chamber of an elongated type, did not suffer the accuracy when firing, especially when using a wad-containers of plastic. The cartridges of foreign production is the inscription of their life when firing under a certain pressure.

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