Shotgun MP-155, its characteristics, advantages and disadvantages

In the early 21st century to replace the popular models of shotguns MP-153 has replaced the recent development of the Izhevsk mechanical plant – semi-automatic smoothbore shotgun MP-155. The purpose of the local gunsmiths was, keeping the best characteristics of Mr-153, to eliminate all revealed during the years of operation the shortcomings of the old model.

As a result of work of engineers and designers IMZ arrows got a semi-automatic rifle with reduced weight, new shock absorber on the butt plate (greatly reduces recoil during the shot), the reduced stroke of the trigger and oversize safety button. Despite all these changes, the manufacturer continues to Refine and improve the model Mr-155 in our days. Now shotgun MP-155 has a mechanism of cut mounts to install various kinds of sights (optical and Climatronic). The muzzle narrowing of the weapon is freely changed when you install a muzzle signature linings. The gun store accommodates 3 or 4 rounds. The weapon is produced in 12 mm calibre and chamber length 76 and 89 mm., the Plant offers the following options for barrel length: 610, 660, 710 and 750 mm.

Shotgun MP-155 has excellent prekladatelu and balance. All external parts of metal and wood is very high quality. In appearance, the gun is not inferior to its foreign analogues.

Unfortunately, the new model was not flawed. Basically, it is the quality of the product, especially the concentricity of the rings within the trunk, after the production in various units of the weapon meet the shavings and burrs. Shotgun MP-155 immediately after purchase, you must inspect, disassemble, clean, processed with a file. After putting the weapon to the strengthening of all pins of this model. As a drawback, many hunters point to the impossibility of installing additional sights on proposed by the «Izhmash» attachment.

Despite these shortcomings, the Izhevsk gunsmiths, together with its foreign partners continue to Refine the model hunting rifle Mr-155. Because this model of weapon is scheduled to replace the lovely but outdated rifle IZH-27, and of course to bypass the numerous domestic competitors.

Model Mr-155 not so long ago entered the market, reviews about it, whether it would be successful or not, time will tell, or their own experience of operating a particular arrow.

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