Shotgun MP-133, its characteristics, advantages and disadvantages

Pump guns not so long ago entered the usual life of domestic hunters. It is widely believed that a gun, more of a defense weapon than a tool for the Amateur and the more professional hunting. Pump-action hunting shotgun MP-133 Izhevsk factory made many archers in the post-Soviet space change your idea about the pump.

The main positive criterion of guns for hunting has always been his mnogozadachnosti. No wonder hunting rifle, as Amateurs and professionals, usually has at least two guns. No less popular and store weapons. The appearance of the hunting rifle, MP-133 with the under-barrel tubular magazine for 3-6 rounds for hunters was a pleasant surprise. Model Mr-133 immediately won a large circle of admirers among domestic and foreign consumers.

Pump-action shotgun the MP-133 was developed by specialists of the Izhevsk factory on the basis of the IZH-81. The new weapon received the tubular store with the ability to increase capacity and smooth running of the forearm, due to an increase in the number of rods to two. Shotgun MP-133 has a 12 gauge and the chamber 76 and 89 (export version) millimeters. The length of the barrel of the gun is from 510 to 750 mm, with extra muzzle attachments. Rib can be plain or ventilated. The manufacturer offers several ergonomic options box shotgun MP-133 – an example of a conventional, complex, or with pistol grip. The design of the shotgun is very good, but added to this is a very balanced weapon. As mentioned above, the capacity can be increased through special extension, but other than that, gunsmiths propose modification of Mr-133 box magazine of 5 rounds. The weight of the weapon in different configurations is roughly 3.3 pounds. The gun is equipped with a non-automatic fuse, locking trigger.

Consumers loved shotgun MP-133 because of its convenience, reliability and price-quality. The weapons are simple to use and able to withstand prolonged use without adequate cleaning. The simplicity of the design allows easy disassembly, maintenance and cleaning of this gun.

All of the above and feedback of consumers such as hunters and representatives of security agencies, show that the smooth pump-action shotgun is a great option multiply weapons for hunting and self defense.

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